What about the dog's acne, how to deal with it?

There are some small points on the dog, similar to rash, not blisters, and then slowly ulcerated. What causes it and how to use medicine.

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    According to the description of the subject, it can be roughly determined that dogs are infected with bacterial skin diseases ~ Is the dog scratching? Rice ulcers are because of the dog scratching ~
    It recommended to bring the dog's Elizabeth circle as soon as possible to prevent the scratching wound and cause more serious infection, timely treat the dog to prevent the infection area from expanding!
    Treatment method:

    1, mild infection: use the dog's dermatology, spray or rubbing, apply to the affected area and surrounding skin. The specific method should refer to the drug manual.
    Note: The affected area and the surroundings need to be shaved, and the medication needs to be used on the affected area and the surrounding skin.
    2, severe infection: use external medicine medicine bath oral medicine, or injection injection, if necessary, you may need to shave all over your body!
    ! Pay attention to the dogs in the dog during the medication to prevent the dog from licking the drugs of the affected area!
    Because fungi can be transmitted to people, it is necessary to disinfect the dog in time!
    In addition to the right use of drugs, you can appropriately supplement skin nutrition, such as lecithin, vitamin and other products, which have the functions of ensuring skin cell health, reducing skin inflammatory response, enhancing skin barriers, and nourishing fur. Taking the cycle of skin diseases is a good product to prevent and assist in treating skin diseases.

  2. Dogs have red acne, with pus, and there are bacterial infection of inflammation, most of which are infected with skin diseases. Most of the skin problems of dogs are caused by fungi, mites or bacterial infections. To a certain extent, infection will cause skin hair removal, dandruff, rash erythema, pustule, eczema, ulceration and other problems. However, mites infections are more itchy than fungal infections. Both fungal infections are generally mainly dandruff and local hair removal, but some dogs also have mixed infections. If it is convenient, it is best to go to the pet hospital for a skin examination and diagnose it. You can also treat it with skin Kang Ling, which has a therapeutic effect on skin problems caused by mites, fungi, and bacteria

  3. Bacteria infection, it is easy to deal with. You can solve it at home without going to the hospital! My dog ​​has a few acne on the legs. It was just cured a few days ago. I used a full -effect antibacterial anti -mold nanothalidal liquid in the shellfish bath. It will be fine in a week. If you want to know more, you can Baidu

  4. There are generally several possibilities on dogs, and the treatment scheme is different. First: When a dog is infected with skin disease, the dog will have symptoms of limited hair removal, rash, and red skin. Coupled with medicinal bath. Second: Lipomas, need to be treated with surgery.

  5. From a clinical perspective, dog pimples are mainly caused by skin problems. Such as parasitic infection, eczema and so on. In fact, in severe cases, most dog pimples can cause itching and skin ulcers. If there are many unpredictable pimples on the dog, the most scientific treatment method is to take it to a pet hospital for dermatology examination, find the cause of pimples on the dog's skin, and then treat scientific treatment. Remember, do not blindly remove or take medicine, or inject, or apply ointment until you can determine the cause of its acne.

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