1 thought on “What’s wrong with the hard bumps on pet dogs?”

  1. . Tumor
    has a hard bump in the dog’s skin, which is likely to have tumors, which is also very serious. Generally, if a dog grows a tumor, the tumor will grow longer and larger, and it will be more and more obvious. Take the dog to the hospital for examination in time, because the tumor will harm the dog’s life. If it is a benign tumor, the dog can recover after surgery, but if it is found late, it may not be cured.

    . Skin disease
    When a dog has a skin disease, it is likely to have hard bumps. In this case The hard bump will also disappear. For example, if there is flea on the dog, the black hardline can be seen on the skin. This is the excrement of the flea, which can be washed off with warm water. The owner usually dewlves the dog regularly in order to reduce the risk of infection parasites, and the skin can not be harmed.

    . The lymph nodes are enlarged
    . If the dog suffers out lymphadenopathy, the most obvious symptom is that there are hard pimples in the skin. The dog’s ears and thighs have lymph nodes. If the dog is inflamed, the nearby lymph nodes will become swollen. Generally speaking, as long as the dog is given anti -inflammatory drugs, this symptom can be relieved, but if this symptoms have not been eliminated, the owner should take the dog to the hospital for examination.

    . The bag after injections
    Pelas of dogs after the injection is completed, because the drug has not been fully absorbed and stays under the skin, the skin will form a small bag , Hard block or puppet, which is also normal, usually disappears in a few days. The owner can also help the dog to speed up the absorption by the hot compress method, so that the hard bump will not exist.

    The hard bumps on the dog’s skin should not be panic. The most important thing is to find out the reason and apply the right medicine, but you must not ignore it, because if it is a tumor, it must be treated in time in time. of. If you have other related questions, you can also consult an online pet doctor.

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