4 thoughts on “What should I do if my Big Dog has a good hair?”

  1. Mainly the following reasons:
    1. Bagol dogs have skin diseases Sometimes Sometimes skin diseases are not easy to find, especially for the dense hair varieties, the skin that occurs deep in the deep hair of hair hair If you do n’t go through carefully, we are often ignored without careful examination. For dogs with light hair, dandruff caused by skin diseases is also difficult to find. However, because of local skin problems and the scratching of the Bagu dog, there will definitely be hair loss.
    2. The hair loss caused by the malnutrition of the Bagu dog. The last point is for parents who especially emphasize scientific feeding and do not pay attention to the nutrition of the Bagu dog. Excessive emphasis on scientific feeding stipulates that dog foods eat a few dog food every day. There is no food except for dog food, or only left for the leftovers for Bayu. It is easy to cause malnutrition or imbalance of the Bay dog. When the Bagu dog’s body is unhealthy, it is also a manifestation of hair loss, just like a person’s body is not good, and the hair will definitely not be dark. By the way, when it comes to imbalanced nutrition, parents who are overly doting dogs also remind them that they can only eat what the Bagu dog loves to eat. If you get sick, it will be even more troublesome to cure the disease.
    3. Bagu dogs will also fade the fetal hair in the process of growing from puppies to adult dogs in the process of growing up, which occurs in about three or four months.
    4. The Bagu dog will lose hair after changing the season. Bagu dogs have dense fluff in winter to keep warm. In winter, when spring and summer come, these fluff will slowly fade away. They may be attached to the Bagu dog. On the comb, but there must be a part of the Bagu dog shaking the body or staying in other places when the furniture at home. If you do n’t pay attention to cleaning up, it will make people feel that the hair loss is serious. If the co -docked seasons lose hair, you should not worry too much.
    5. The diet of the Bagu dog involves too much salt. The good food of the Bagu dog is dog food. We have repeatedly said that the dog food usually contains the nutritional needs of the Bagu dog growth needs Ingredients. If you cook for the Bagu dog, or let the dog eat people eat or the leftovers of people, it is easy to cause too much salt involved in the Bagu dog, and the demand for salt in the Bagu dog is still Different from human beings, the result is the hair loss of the Bagu dog.
    It many owners will add a lot of salt when they eat pet dog food, which is extremely unfavorable to the health of the dog.

  2. The Bagu dog must be foss the hair, and the hair will be lost for a year. When the hair loss is the most powerful, it is in the hair loss season, so the Bagu dog needs to be considered clearly. If you can’t accept it Bagu, now I regret it, delicious and lazy, and experience
    , but it is still very loyal to you, and it looks ugly. As long as the problem is usually a little light, my Bagu dog has been eating too salty before it will lose hair, so it is light to feed now. It is best to choose a balanced nutrition, light and low salt, just like this, just like this In terms of “non -greasy natural dog food”, it is a light and low salt, which can reduce hair loss, and usually feed some fruits and vegetables for Bay dogs.

    The nutrition is even more balanced, and it usually has to comb its hair.
    above is a personal dog breeding experience, I hope it will be helpful to you!

  3. Bago itself loves hair, and if you eat sweets for a long time, it is easier to remove hair.

    is salty, sweet, spicy, and it is easy to cause a large amount of hair removal. n
    This snacks to take a look at it for some days. Give more vegetables. If you do n’t eat it, feed a short time dog food. Eat less meat, easy to get angry.

    Hope it helps you

  4. Normal hair removal, right?
    or like this,./Question/91697853? Si = 1
    Another knows to answer. I do n’t know if your dog is so serious. If you have, please refer to that treatment.
    The easiest way is to see a doctor …

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