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  1. At the time of the holiday, many shit officers want to wash the dogs with fragrance and meet the holidays. But at this time it was the peak of the pet shop, and sometimes many households may not be ranked. Even if the pet shop is professional and convenient, bathing at home is also a good alternative choice for the dog. It is not necessary to take a shower. The frequency of a good veterinarian is that it is half a month to one month in winter and half a month in the summer. It should be carried out in the morning or noon to ensure the indoor temperature. Do not take a bath during air humidity or rainy days.

    Preparing before bathing:

    1. The items needed for bathing: combed, pets with fragrance and woolen, cotton balls, waterproof apron, water absorption towel, high power blow Water machines, cotton swabs, nail tongs, etc.

    2. Preparation before washing: Take the dog to walk outside before taking a bath, you know the specific reason. Put on your own clothes, or bring a waterproof apron. (Waterproof apron has little effect on medium and large dogs.) For dogs who do not like bathing, you can seduce the bathroom with snacks or toys first, and play in the bathroom for a while to relax. Whether it is a long hair dog or a short hairy dog, you should first combine the hair, so that the hair will not be sorted out after taking a bath. Use cotton balls to plug two ears to prevent water in.

    The specific bathing method:

    1. In advance, adjust the water temperature in advance. The dog’s body temperature is higher than people, so the water should not be too cold. In summer, we feel that it is a little warm and hot. It is a bit hotter in winter, but do not reach the hotness, about 40 degrees.

    2. After all preparations are ready, first use water to wet the dog’s whole body, be careful not to make the dog’s eyes, ears, and mouth. After the whole body is wet, take an appropriate amount of bath liquid. (Use it according to how to use it, because some pet bath can be applied directly on the dog, and some need to be diluted with water). The dog’s skin is much thinner than human skin, and the pH value is different. The bath used by people can easily cause itching and hair removal. Therefore, you must use a special pet bath solution to take a bath for it.

    3. After hitting the bath, gently rub the dog’s body with both hands. Note that the dog’s neck, hips, limbs and other parts must be completely rubbed. The sensitive parts such as the stomach must be rubbed gently, don’t make the dog. Do not directly inflammation when you wash your hair directly (especially the ears in water), so that the dog will instinctively want to avoid or shake the water. To rush forward from your neck, you can block your eyes and nose slightly. Do not make too much foam when washing your hair. Long hair dogs should be rubbed in one direction, otherwise the knot will be more serious.

    4. After rubbing, then wash the dog’s body thoroughly with water, and rinse all the foam.

    5. Give the dog to squeeze anal glands: pay attention to your head, do not be too close to the anal glands. First turn the dog’s tail upwards to make the anus protruding. Then put your fingers at the dog’s anus and squeeze. The technique should be from the inside out, from light to heavy. Dogs that often eat flesh need to squeeze! In fact, the regular squeezing and cleaning of the dog’s anal glands is very important, not only to remove the body odor on the dog. If the dog’s anal glands are not squeezed often, the anal adenosclerosis can be caused. Normal secretions are light yellow -brown, and concentrations are available from water -like to paste, accompanied by evil odor. If there is pus and blood in the secretion, it means that you have to see the doctor as soon as possible. If you can touch the accumulation, but you can’t squeeze it, it means that the anal glands are blocked, and you must deal with it as soon as possible to seek medical treatment.

    6. Maochin: It is important to hit the hair on the back of the back. It takes a few minutes, so you can brush your teeth at the same time. Then rinse.

    7. When washing, let it shake the water on your body as much as possible. Then use a towel to absorb water. For long -haired dogs, do not wipe back and forth like us, so that the dog’s hair is easy to knot. If there are still a lot of water to change towels, repeat it again.

    8. Blow drying with a hair dryer. The long and medium -sized dogs with long hair are best to use pets with pets. While blowing the hair, you must keep combing hair. As long as you do n’t dry, you should always comb into the hair. If you have a long -term bathing and not dry drying, such as toes, tail roots, and inside of the ears are prone to breeding skin diseases.

    9. Clean up your ears with a cotton swab: Because the dog’s ears are not the same as the structure of a person, there is a 90 -degree turn, so you don’t have to be afraid that the cotton swab is too deeply hurting the dog, but it also Pay attention to the softness.

    10. Pruning nails: Be careful not to cut the blood line in the dog’s nails. Scratching his clothes.

    11. This is necessary! Every time I take a shower, give me some small biscuits and snacks. Let the dog getting used to the habit to know that bathing will make the owner happy to praise it.

    is not suitable for bathing:

    The first, the dog you just full should not take a bath.

    If the dog eats too much, then it is best to wait for it to digest and take a bath for it. Because the dogs who have just eaten, the skin blood vessels will be expanded because of bathing, and only less blood flows to the stomach, which will cause dog digestion and blood glucose to decrease, and it is prone to fainting.

    The second, pet dogs that have been healed at first, should not take a bath.

    The dogs at this time are weak and weak. If you must clean the dog, you can try to comb the hair and wipe it with a towel. In addition, dogs and breastfeeding dogs are not suitable for bathing.

    Third, pet dogs that have just been moved after strenuous exercise should not shower immediately.

    In the hot summer, the dog has just participated in the severe exercise. At this time, do not give it shower immediately. You should wait for the dog to calm down, and the body’s limbs and muscles are restored normally.

    Fourth, dogs who have just injected the vaccine cannot take a bath immediately.

    The pet dogs must pass the vaccine observation period safely. Generally, it is about 7-10 days. When the dogs are normal, they can take a bath. The puppies who had just returned home had poor resistance before immunity, and try to avoid bathing.

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