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  1. Under normal circumstances, the reason why the dog shakes its head may be because its ears breed mites, and its ears are very itchy and uncomfortable. In order to alleviate this discomfort, the dog will throw his head desperately.
    In feeding, it is necessary to prepare more animal proteins in the feed to supplement the vegetarian ingredients to ensure the normal development and health of the dog. Dogs sometimes eat grass, but eat very little, and occasionally spit it out.
    is to clear the stomach, mainly because the dog's gastrointestinal structure is unique. The dog's stomach is very large, accounting for about 2/3 of the abdominal cavity, but the intestines are short, accounting for about 1/3 of the abdominal cavity, so the dog basically uses the stomach to digest food and absorb nutrients, and it is easy to digest meat.
    The functional characteristics:
    The smell sensitivity of dogs is the first of each animal. Blind dogs can use the nose to live like normal dogs. Dog sensitivity's sense of smell is mainly manifested:
    1 is the degree of sensitivity to odor.
    It is the ability to distinguish the smell. The sensitivity will be different due to the type of taste. The ability of a dog to find the smell is 1 million or even 10 million times the human ability. The ability to distinguish the smell is more than 1,000 times. Excellent police dogs that are specially trained can distinguish more than 100,000 different odors.
    The above content reference: Baidu Encyclopedia-Dog (Inu Family)

  2. If you often see your own dogs throwing your head, then you should pay attention to that healthy dogs will not often throw their heads, so what's going on with the dog screaming?
    The reason
    1. In general, the reason why the dog shakes its head may be because its ears breed mites, and the ears are itchy and uncomfortable. Only when you are desperately shaking your head
    2, if the dog has been throwing his head after taking a shower, it may be that its ears are watering. At this time
    3, the early dogs of encephalitis and dog plague will have convulsions. The dog will shake his head involuntarily. After the dog boweds his head, he finds that the neck is stiff and the possibility of encephalitis is relatively high. In life, you must go to the hospital for treatment in time
    4, infected with parasites or fungi, inflammation or other diseases in the ear canal
    1, smelling the smell, inflammatory infection of pus, wreatidal Touch, enter foreign bodies or pain, dogs will resist the touch
    3, observe the ear and behind their ears
    The solutions are as follows
    1. Under normal circumstances, parents in daily life must have to be Pay attention to cleaning the ear canal for the dogs in time, clean up the deposited earwax and ear hair, keep the dog's ear canal ventilation and dryness, and prevent the breeding of ear mites
    2. If the dog's ears have breeds ear mites, use a drop of dripping. Ear oil is stained on a cotton swab, put in the dog's ear canal, wipe it, and it will be fine for a week. The dog's ear canal is L -shaped and will not be broken, but it cannot be too deep
    . If the situation is very serious, the dog's ears are already inflamed. Parents need to take the dog to the pet hospital for timely treatment
    In addition, we must clean the ear canal for the dogs every week. The home can always have ear canal cleaning liquid, cotton swab, ear hair powder and other items
    In fact, in the process of breeding pet dogs in daily life, you must give the dog regularly to the dog Dog cleaning the ear canal. Under normal circumstances, generally 1-2 weeks should check the ear canal for dogs, and then clean up scientifically to ensure that it is dry, clean, and no odor

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenI do n’t know how you are talking about how to shake the method. If most dogs often shake their heads, and always scratch my ears, it means that the dog's ears are sick, there are skin diseases, parasites, or inflammation of the ears, etc., so You have to observe its actions carefully and take some treatment measures.nThe question is a cold, and I have been shaking my head and shaking my headnAfter answering the dog's cold, it will mainly show symptoms such as sluggishness, loss of appetite, drowsiness, sneezing, cough, etc., and keep shaking their heads to indicate that the dog may have the following reasons: First, the dog's ears have ear mites, and ear mites have ears, and ear mites have ears, and ear mites have ears, and ear mites have ears, and ear mites have ears, and ear mites have ears, and ear mites have ears, and ear mites appear in the dog's ears. Middle otitis media, skin diseases and other issues cause itching of the dog's ears, so it will cause the dog to shake their heads. Second, the dogs are similar to the cold after the dogs have a cold. At the same time, the dogs will have neurotic symptoms such as shaking their heads and convulsions. It should be confirmed that the dog is caused by which the dog is caused by it.n1 morenBleak

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