What should I do if the dog is lost?

Teddy dogs lost for three days, can it find the way home?

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  1. What to do if the dog is lost
    1. After the dog is lost, search for the periphery of the disappeared place as soon as possible, and mobilize your family and friends to search as soon as possible, and let everyone go out according to different routes and call the lost dog. At the same time, they can ask nearby residents to quickly collect lost clues.
    2. To watch the surrounding monitoring, this method is also more feasible, but in general, people will not let us see the monitoring, which requires us to communicate with the staff. If you lose the location with monitoring, you can clearly judge the direction of dog travel, and it can be more convenient when looking for. This is also one of the ways to find a dog.
    3, go to the place where dogs usually like to go most, the dog’s personality is a more playful personality, and there will be a secret place to play to play, so after the dog is lost Dogs like to play. If it is not, it must be expanded to continue looking for.

  2. Hello, after three days of lost the Teddy dog, there is still hope to find it. You need to post more dogs to let more people participate in the dog searching team. The probability of finding will be greater.

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