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  1. The top ten Dongdong

    1, Bitter (American Bull Fighting Stalk).

    The United States, which originated in the 19th century, is generally 46-56㎝, weighing between 15 and 35kg. Its head is slate, with strong jaws, strong muscles, strong bite, endurance, endurance, endurance, endurance, endurance, endurance, endurance, endurance, endurance, endurance, endurance Story, perseverance. Based on comprehensive factors such as height, weight, bite force, endurance, perseverance, perseverance, strongness, loyalty, and intimacy with humans, Bit dogs are better than fierce beasts such as lions, tigers, and leopards.

    30 kg of strong bites may be able to hit 75 kg of Caucasus, which can kill 2 shepherd dogs in 3 minutes. “International Dog Industry Alliance” (referred to as F.C.I) NO1!

    2, Tosa Dou.

    1860, Japan breed this kind of trembling dog species for the first time. We can only describe the character of the Turcus Dog. What’s even more terrible is that in addition to bite opponents, the usual Tosa Dou dog looks so quiet and tamed. If you try to get closer or even stroke it, then it may use bite your throat as a repayment.

    Except for the United States, most countries have clearly banned this evil and cruel beast like devil.

    3, Argentine Du Gao.

    The Du Plateau is produced in Argentina and is used to hunt large beasts, mainly the fierce dog species of wild boars and mountain lions. It bite the beast in the rugged terrain until the hunter came to kill the prey. It is an excellent variety that integrates 10 excellent canine bloodlines. Its blood brings together the strong, toughness and strength of large fierce dogs. It has an elegant appearance, muscle -shaped bodybuilding, smooth curve, and good balance ability can break through the obstructive direct prey. When the famous referees of foreign clubs want to evaluate this dog breed, they must first remember these firmly in their minds.
    This is a noble partner and loyal and inviolable guardians. His strength, tough, sensitive sense of smell and courage make it the best dog breeds for hunting wild boars in the complex areas of Argentina’s vast terrain.

    4, Caucasian dog.

    The Gaoshan Mountain Dogs or Caucasian Dogs, English names Caucasian Ovcharka. It is about 65-86 cm tall and weighs about 70-81 kg. Chechen and Gaoco Mountains in Russia in Russia. It is said that its ancestors were Tibetan mastiffs. During the former Soviet Union, the Caucasus Grand Dog was used as the national treasure of the Soviet Union and restricted the output.
    This Gaoshan dog is a large dog, strong appearance, strong muscle tissue, and strong physical structure. The skin is thick and elastic. The skull bone is wide and the bones are developing well. The forehead is wide and flat. The mask is shorter than the forehead and gradually pointed. Most of them are black and dark eyes, with moderate size. The nose is big and long, mostly black. The ears are covered with medium hair, and the ears are usually trimmed, short and drooping. The body is strong, the chest is thick, the skeleton is large, the muscles are developed, and the back of the body is in the horizontal shape. The limbs are strong, the feet are large and slightly arched, and they are oval. Tight toes. Essence The tail has a thick amount of hair and a slightly higher position. When you hang down, you can reach the ankle joint. The hair is natural and rough, and the bottom hair with good growth is thin. The hair on the front of the head and limbs is short and close to the body, with long hair and short hairs. The hair color is generally light gray to reddish brown tones, and there are also a variety of mixed colors such as yellow, yellow, white, spotted, spots and two colors.
    This Gaoshan Dog is strong, strong resistance to disease, brave temperament, calm and stable, highly alert, sensitive intuition, strong and confident personality, loyalty to the owner. It is most suitable for home care, guarding villas, warehouses, farms or pastures, but not suitable for general family breeding.

    5, Tibetan mastiff dog

    The strongest dog in China, no need to introduce
    n6, Brazilian mastiff dog n
    The strong and fierceness of the mastiff and the keen smell of hunting dogs made a terrible Brazilian mastiff. It is precisely because of these characteristics that it brings it a very disgraceful history -the owners of the manor have used it to hunt the escape slaves. Although the current Brazilian mastiff has abandoned evil from the good to manage the bulls, whether it is from its huge body shape or an aggressive personality, it is still a fearful dog species.

    7. , From the predecessor of “Majorero” and the Spanish pastoral dogs produced in the archipelago, foreign dogs are hybridized. This is a kind of DOGO dog blood, medium size, yellow tabby, and white plaques. The fierce dog with the characteristics of the fierce dog. Flexible, strong, simple, and loyal.

    Swater appearance: medium -sized fierce dog, strong balance ability, strong appearance, black plaques. Simple, well -proportioned, and suitable for exercise. If the body grows older than the height, the female body length should be particularly characterized by this.
    Ser temple/behavior: They have a calm appearance and focus on gaze objects. It has the functions of guarding and regulating the functions of driving cattle. Their temperament is strong and confident. The barking sound is serious and deep. It is gentleman and gentle in the family. It is very influenced by the owner. It is vigilant for strangers. It is confident, noble, and a little indifferent. When it alert, it looks tough and his eyes are vigilant.
    The color: Standard patterns of all range: from dark color tone until light gray or golden yellow. Light yellow to sandy yellow is also included. There are plaques on the chest, on the root of the neck or throat, it can be available on the front and rear feet. It is best to minimize the area of ​​the plaques.

    8, Luowera.

    This is the monster with a flash of phosphorus light in the Holmes Explorer, and it is a nightmare that dares to step into its territory. Its calm and confident expression can easily remind people of Hannibal in the movie “Silent Lamb”. It is precisely because it has a primitive territorial awareness and strong possession that many people have used it as the most powerful protector of family property security.

    9, Nuolon (Doberman dogs)
    In look at its full -body flesh, you know that this one is never a good master. Do you know what people used to do before? Tell you, it is a variety trained by German tax officer named Lundei Doberman, which specializes in assisting the owner of taxation (this person must be advanced)! Moreover, the early Doberman dogs naturally liked to provoke troubles, and they were full of prostitution. The next time you hold the salary bill, don’t be complaining again. Think of the Germans at that time, maybe it may be much balanced.

    10, Spanish bullfighting stalk (Piro De Berry Mallosa Malloshunin)

    Itly, Spain is really a fierce dog The guys would rather go to the bullfighting and not provoke them. When you see it, the most important thing is to run quickly and hide, instead of calling its name. It is said that this kind of dog was first used for fighting. Later, when the world was too peaceful, people used it to fight bullfighting; later, the bullfights probably felt that they were snatched the rice bowl and simply let them fight each other. Later The number of this dog is getting less and less. (Yes, who dares to raise these cruel guys at home)

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