1 thought on “Why didn't the dog's mouth cover fall”

  1. The dog's mouth is stuck around the neck and the head will not fall. After buying the dog's mouth case, buckle the recessed place on the dog's mouth, then hold the strap around the neck, and then hold the strap on the head. The neck strap is inserted, it is convenient, surround your dog's neck, and then buckle it. The mouth is put on the dog's mouth, you need to clamp your dog with your legs to prevent it from running away. Adjust the tightness and make sure that the dog can't open his mouth, but it will not be too tight. The degree of tightness that can be inserted into a finger is the most suitable.
    How to bring the dog's mouth case
    The method of letting the dog bring the mouth cover more, tell it the importance of bringing the mouth cover. Be sure to calm down, and try a few more times when the puppy appears. The puppy is very exclusive to this kind of thing. At this time, the more communication between the person and the long -term tacit understanding can be successfully brought to the mouth. Note that puppies are easy to attack people at this time. In the process, they must protect themselves and prevent damage to the dogs.
    Mou in a relatively high place and seduce the dog on the mask by snacks. In a relatively high place, dogs are not easy to struggle, and it is easier to wear masks. For some closed masks, the owner can stuff a little snack inside. The non -closed mask in the front can put the mask in your hand and put snacks in your palms.

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