4 thoughts on “Are you letting a dog on the train? What must be prepared in advance?”

  1. Many people often go out because of some things, but the shoveling officer with small pets at home is worried about their animals. Putting it in the veterinary hospital, I am afraid that the hospital will not take care of it. Therefore, when I go out during this time, I hope to bring their own pets, but people with better economic conditions in the family have their own cars, so don’t worry too much. But people without cars can only use other means of transportation. Smaller pets are okay, but what is the most worried about now if it is a dog? Can I bring dogs on the train?
    Can you bring dogs on the train?

    In fact, you can bring your dog on the train, but you cannot be with people. And you also need to take the time to find a reasonable time to go through the boarding procedures for the dog, and you need to prepare some related procedures in advance. First of all, you need to determine that the lovely puppy at home can take the trains and the specific requirements of the train. Then you need to go to the train station to consider how many shifts can be brought. Some trains are not allowed to carry pets. It is convenient for you to buy a ticket, then apply for a quarantine certificate for the dog to vaccinate the dog.

    Then prepare a aircraft box for the dog. The puppy we need to bring needs to be locked in a cage. We need to prepare a cage for dogs in advance, and then check the dogs to consignment at the train station one hour in advance. This is based on weight and distance. Dogs need to feed themselves during their consignment, so the shoveling officer must not forget to bring dog food, and when the dog gets on the train, he is usually bold, so the owner should remember to feed them to soothe.

    This must be locked and try to lock it with your own chain. After all, dogs are very smart animals. Many dogs can easily open the chain and run out, which will be troublesome. Not only will it bring inconvenience to other passengers, but it is also easy to bite others when they are afraid, so we must take good care of their dogs and give it a good psychological comfort, so that the dog is not so scared, so that you can go smoothly smoothly Arrive at your destination.

  2. Dogs are not allowed on the train, and dogs are not allowed on domestic trains. Unless it is a guide dog, prepare a guidance of the blind dog.

  3. If you do n’t let it, you ca n’t bring spray. It ’s best not to bring water, because you may also let you drink it.

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