Are there any taboos after the male dog with the dog?

After the Labrador Dog is equipped with a dog, the receiver drinks or eats, will it affect the male dog cannot pick the essence

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  1. 1. Choose a good partner before the bitch in estrus, and let them go out to play several times, familiar with each other.
    2. It is best to choose in the morning when matching the dog, and keep it on an empty stomach.
    Note: You must not meet you every day.
    1. The place where the male dog is familiar with, because the strange environment will make the male dog nervous and unwilling to match the dog.
    2. On the day of the dog, let the male dogs close up, let the bitch familiarize the environment, relax, and then let the dog out.
    Note: The environment is more important to match the dog. You must choose a quiet place. Except for the owner, do not have outsiders to watch, and do not have other dogs to avoid dispersion.
    Before going out, parents must communicate with her to explain the reasons, and encourage them to speak some comfort words. Dogs can be supported from your words and expressions.
    The process
    1. After ***, the public and bitch will be connected at the tail. Do not let the bitch be moved to avoid hurting the dog;
    2. If the bitch has a drooling phenomenon , Explain that it is ovulation, don't panic;
    3. During this period, it is necessary to comfort and encourage the bitch. The owner is better to soothe the bitch;
    4. The process of connecting the tail will last for about 10-40 minutes There are also a few hours that will last for an hour.
    In the end
    1. After the tail is connected and naturally separates, you can put the male dog in the cage and rest. After the mother encourages, let the bitch go into another quiet environment. Don't give food and water immediately, let the two parties rest for more than 10 minutes, do not do fierce exercise; during a rest, it is best to accompany the bitch.
    . After the ***, the male and female dogs cannot be forcibly separated, waiting for the male dog to be relieved by themselves. After ***, the male pussy should be allowed to return to the dog house to rest. Do not tie the dog to the outside to prevent a cold, and to avoid accidents.
    The dog's pregnancy is about nine weeks. In the first month, there are no signs to find. After the fifth week, you will find that its breast changes are changed, the breasts increase, protruding, and the belly increases slightly. By the sixth and seventh weeks, the breasts will swell. One week before giving birth, when the animal is lying on the ground, if you look closely, you can see the mother's belly when the fetus moves.

    What should you pay attention to after breeding the male dog

    *** is in the place of breeding of the bitch. *** Check the dog's health before to prevent epidemic infection. To remove insects to dogs, it is necessary to increase the nutritional components of the feed. You should choose an excellent male baby dog ​​for ***. In terms of age requirements, it is important to match the old age, and it can also be matched with the ages to avoid aging. In the *** method, it is mainly natural ***, supplemented by manual help. Naturally ***, the best time for the psychological state of the male pussy should be carried out in the morning. *** Time is generally 15-20 minutes. The male dog can smell the smell of the bitch's secretion in a far place. Pay attention to prevent random matching. You must choose a good breed dog ***. ***, pay attention to safety, bring cages to prevent biting or bite dogs. *** Do not forcibly separate the male dogs and wait for the male dog to be relieved by themselves. After ***, the male pussy should be allowed to return to the dog house to rest. Do not tie the dog to the outside to prevent a cold, and to avoid accidents. Check the original post >>
    Is to be satisfied, please adopt

    What should you pay attention to the dog breeding?

    Bet before breeding dogs, parents should have a good psychological preparation. Of course, it is necessary to familiarize themselves with the relevant knowledge of dog breeding. In addition, what should be paid attention to during the breeding of dogs, as parents should be clear.
    The questions that should be paid attention to during the breeding period of dogs are as follows:
    1. Preparation: Determine the time, place, and object of the dog breeding. These need to be determined within a period of time before the breeding. First of all, you should choose an excellent "object" for the dog; then choose a place where dogs are relatively familiar and quiet, as a place for dogs ***; at the same time Raise dogs together to help each other to cultivate feelings, so that the *** process can be smoother.
    2. Dog *** period: First of all, parents cannot disturb the dogs. Parents should encourage dogs before ***, and then are a quiet and comfortable environment for the dog. In the process of dogs ***, parents can observe quietly in the distance, but they cannot enter the disturbance. Of course, when the dog cannot complete the *** and needs help, parents can still contact the dog.
    3. Do not forcibly dismantle them during the dog *** process. You should wait until the tail of the dog is connected and naturally separates. Let both parties rest for more than 10 minutes, do not do fierce exercise. Then go forward to pull the dogs and bring the dogs back to their respective "home". Note that in order to improve the success rate of dogs, dogs should be allowed to *** 2-3 times throughout the estrus period, about 24 hours each time.

  2. 1. Basically there is no taboos. 2. You can take a bath, no infection, etc., be careful not to be cold. 3. There are not too many nutrition, just food. 4. Pet dogs are not recommended to breed. After the small dogs are breed, the hair color will be discolored; it will also cause the male dog to run with the bitch.

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