I raised a few dogs and wanted to sell it. Write a sales agreement. What should I write? Please.

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  1. I will give you a sample. If you participate in your own, change it to your

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    This this protocol is suitable for buying dogs
    1. • Before buying a dog, Party B knew the situation where you wanted to buy a dog. Party A is responsible for introducing the situation of this puppy.
    2. After the Party A sees the Party A, the Dog A
    a. Party B must pay all the money to Party A to take away the dog.
    B. If if the dog is too small, you can't take it away after seeing it. You must pay one thousand yuan deposit first. For example, Party B deducts 500 yuan as a liquidated damage before the dog does not want the dog before leaving the dog.
    c. Party A fulfills the following service before the delivery of the dog to Party B:
    a.前 Payment the health of puppies before delivery.
    B. The imported 2-stitched dog immune vaccine responsible for the procedure (the dog was born on the 28th to 30th, starting the first injection of the first needle Intelviome immunization, and the Intel Veyli vaccine was once again 20 days.) nc. After 20 days when the dog reaches Party A, the third vaccine is injected by Party B to a professional pet hospital under a complete healthy situation.
    D. Dog deworming responsible for the program (2-3 days before and after the vaccine is injected).
    3. If Party B is a local or close to Party A, he needs to pick up the booked dogs to Party A. If Party B is a foreign customer, if you can arrange as much as possible, if you cannot arrange it by yourself, Party A will assist Party B for transportation after Party B shall be paid. Party A shall be borne by Party B. The transportation risk shall be borne by Party A (except for force majeure factor). After receiving the dog at the airport, Party B shall be requested to confirm the health of the dog at the airport and Party A.
    4. After Party B returned to the buying dog, it must be fed strictly in accordance with the feeding method provided by Party A in order to enjoy Article 6. Otherwise, the consequences will be at your own risk (the breeding manual is attached).
    5.犬 Thirty days of health for the dogs sold by Party A, if the puppy dies any malignant infectious diseases during this period, Party A compensates the same variety of dogs with the same value. If Party A will assist Party B in a pet hospital for treatment, the cost shall be borne by Party B. If the dog only reaches Party B, there is any problem with the dog within 30 days, please notify Party A as soon as possible, otherwise Party A will not bear any responsibility.
    6. Party A provides the following after -sales service:
    a. Accept any health of Party B.
    B. • Accept any feeding consultation from Party B.
    c. • Guidance for Party B and deworming
    D. • Party B is sick, and Party A can assist in guiding treatment.
    e.方 A direction of Party B provides dog parents.
    7. • It is recommended that Party B will go to a regular pet hospital within 3 days after receiving the dog for a comprehensive physical examination within 3 days. If the dog age will be genetically ill within 12 months, with the authentication certificate of the authoritative department, the dog is responsible for changing the same quality dogs. !
    8. Others: ��������� large ... �� major. , Signing on both parties, fax is effective!

    The variety of dogs purchased by Party B

    Dogs price: �� major

    Gender:. N

    Yan. Color: �........

    Party A: __________. Fang: ��������

    days: period:

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