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  1. It depends on where you are!

    It Beijing dog breeding management regulations

    The sixth session of the Standing Committee of the Twelfth National People’s Congress of Beijing on September 5, 2003 passed

    The first in order to strengthen the management of dog breeding, ensure the health and personal safety of citizens, maintain the city’s capacity environment and social public order, and formulate these regulations in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations, combine the actual situation of the city.

    It the agencies, groups, troops, corporate institutions, other organizations, and individuals in the administrative area of ​​the municipality shall comply with these regulations.

    3 The cities of the city implement the policy of strict management and restrictions on dog breeding. Government departments enforce enforcement, grass -roots organizations participate in management, public supervision, and self -discipline of dog breeders.

    The people’s governments at all levels of the city are responsible for the organization and implementation of these regulations.

    The city, county, township people’s governments, and street offices shall establish coordination of dog -raising management coordination of dog breeding, industrial and commercial administrative management, animal husbandry and veterinary, health and other administrative departments and urban management comprehensive law enforcement organizations Working Mechanism.

    The public security organs are the competent authorities of dog breeding management. They are fully responsible for dog breeding management, and are responsible for the registration and annual inspection of dog breeding.

    The comprehensive law enforcement organization of administrative departments and urban management in accordance with the division of responsibilities:

    (1) The administrative department of animal husbandry and veterinary is responsible for dog immunization, quarantine and other Related management work;

    (2) The urban management comprehensive law enforcement organization is responsible for the investigation and punishment of the city’s environmental sanitation without selling dogs and disrupting the city’s environmental sanitation due to raising dogs; Dogs, illegal dogs and other behaviors;

    (3) Supervision and management of industrial and commercial administrative management departments are responsible for the supervision and management of dog business activities;

    (4) The health administrative department is responsible for Management of human rabies vaccine injections and rabies patients.

    The resident committee, villagers’ committees, and other grass -roots organizations shall assist people’s governments at all levels of the city to do a good job of dog breeding management.

    The sub -district office, township people’s governments, and residents ‘committees, villagers’ committees shall carry out publicity and education and training of raising dogs and civilized dogs in residents and villagers.

    The news media such as broadcasting, television, newspapers, etc., should do a good job of propaganda and education of dog breeding management laws, regulations, and health and epidemic prevention.

    Article 6 The residential committee, the villagers’ committee, and the owner committee may convene residential meetings, villagers’ meetings, and owners’ meetings to formulate conventions on the issues of dog breeding management in accordance with the law and organize supervision and implementation. Residents, villagers, and owners shall abide by the Convention.

    The) Dongcheng District, Xicheng District, Chongwen District, Xuanwen District, Chaoyang District, Haidian District, Fengtai District, and Shijingshan District of the city are key management zones, and other districts and counties are general management areas.

    The rural areas in the key management area, the people’s government decided that it can be managed in accordance with the general management area. For the special areas of cities and cities and population in general management areas, the district and county people’s governments are decided that they can be managed in accordance with the key management zone.

    Themine and student dormitory areas of hospitals and schools in the administrative area of ​​the municipality are prohibited from raising dogs.

    The day of An Gate Square and East, West Changan Street and other main roads are forbidden to walk dogs. The main road list is determined by the Municipal People’s Government and announced to the society.

    The city people’s government can prohibit dog walking scope during major holidays or holding major events.

    The district and county people’s governments can prohibit raising dogs and dog walking dogs in specific areas in this administrative area.

    The residential meeting, villagers ‘conferences, and owners’ meetings can be decided that the area where dogs are prohibited in this residential area can be defined.

    The annual inspection system for dog breeding and annual inspection. Without registration and annual inspection, no dog or individual may raise dogs.

    The Article 10 In the key management area, each household is allowed to raise only one dog and must not raise intense dogs and large dogs. The specific varieties and height and length of the dog’s kernels are determined by the administrative department of animal husbandry and veterinary and announced to the society.

    The national cultural relics protection units, dangerous items storage units, etc. Those who need to raise dogs due to special work, and must go to the public security organs where the unit is located.

    Article 11 Personal dog breeding shall have the following conditions:

    (1) There is a legal certificate;

    (2) There is completely complete Civil behavior capabilities;

    (3) There are fixed residences and livelihood;

    (4) Residences are prohibited from dog breeding areas.

    The individuals should obtain the consent of the resident committee and villagers’ committees before raising dogs. For those who meet the conditions of dog breeding, the residents ‘committee and the villagers’ committees have issued certificates that meet the conditions of dog breeding, and signed a dog breeding obligation guarantee.

    The dog breeder shall obtain the resident committee and the villagers’ committee within 30 days from the date of the certificate of dog breeding. Dog raising certificate.

    Irdic dog breeders to obtain a dog raising registration certificate, and carry the dogs approved by the animal diagnosis and treatment agency approved by the dog animal husbandry and veterinary administrative department to conduct a healthy inspection of the dog, free injection prevention of rabies vaccine, and obtain an animal prevention supervision agency issued by animal epidemic prevention supervision agencies Health immunity.

    The dog breeding registration permit is inspected once a year. The dog breeder should show a valid dog raising certificate and animal health immune certificate during the annual inspection. The annual inspection time, place and requirements of the dog breeding certificate shall be announced by the public security organs.

    The dog breeding should pay management service fees.

    The first dog in the key management area is 1,000 yuan in the first year, and the annual annual is 500 yuan.

    The people who have a guidance dog and physical disabled for blind people will be exempted from management service fees. Those who raised dogs who raised dogs with difficulty in raising breed dogs will be charged for the first year of management service fees.

    The charge standards for general management areas shall be determined by the district and county people’s governments based on the actual situation.

    The expenses paid by dog ​​breeding are concentrated in the state treasury and incorporated into fiscal budget management. The cost of the management of dog breeding and the service incurred in the management work is included in the department’s budget.

    It the change of the residence of dog breeders shall be changed within 30 days from the date of change of the change of the dog.

    Ifogeners who will register in the general management area to transfer to the key management zone to raise, shall meet the conditions of dog breeding in the key management zone, and within 30 days from the date of transfer, the dog supports dogs will be held. The registration certificate to the register of the breeding place shall apply for change registration, and pay the management service fee difference.

    Is who transfer the dogs to others, and the assignee shall go to the registration authority to apply for change registration.

    If 15 Dogs who have lost registration permit shall apply to the original registration authority within 15 days from the date of loss.

    Profting or missing or missing in dogs, dog breeders shall go to the registration authority to go through the cancellation procedures. Those who have not completed the cancellation procedures shall no longer raise dogs.

    Those who need to give up the dogs who need to abandon the dog for reason should send the dog to the dog’s inspection center and go through the cancellation procedures at the public security organs.

    Article 17 should abide by the following regulations:

    (1) Do not bring dogs into the market, shops, commercial districts, hotels, parks, public green spaces, schools, schools , Hospital, exhibition hall, theater, stadium, community public fitness venues, playgrounds, waiting rooms and other public places;

    (2) Public transportation of public transportation other than small taxis must not be carried; When taking a small taxi with a dog, you should obtain the driver’s consent, put on a mouth for the dog, or put the dog into a dog bag, dog cage, or embrace; For elevators, you should avoid the peak time of riding the elevator, put your mouth for dogs, or put the dogs into dog bags and dog cages; Time;

    (4) When leaving dogs with dogs, they should be led by adults. People with dogs should bring dogs with dogs and avoid the elderly, the disabled, and the disabled, and the disabled, and the disabled, and the disabled, and the disabled, and the disabled, and the disabled, and the disabled, and the disabled, and the disabled, and the disabled. Pregnant women and children;

    (5) Practice or circle of rated dogs and large dogs, and shall not obtain households walking dogs; if they leave households such as registration, annual examination, immunity, diagnosis, etc. Enter the dog cage or wearing a mouth cover and a dog chain, led by adults;

    (6) When leaving the dog with a dog, the dog should be excreted outdoors outdoors. Clear;

    (7) Dogs must not interfere with the normal life of others; when the dog bark affects others, the dog breeder shall take effective measures to stop; Dog injection to prevent rabies vaccine;

    (9) Do not abuse or abandon the dogs raised;
    n (10) Strictly fulfill the other obligations stipulated in the dog breeding obligation guarantee.

    P. Article 18 Dogs hurt others. The dog owner shall immediately send the injured to medical institution for treatment and pay the medical expenses.

    The fault due to dog breeder or third person. If a dog hurts others, the dog owner or third party shall bear all the medical expenses of the injured person and compensate other losses of the injured person according to law.

    Article 19 For dogs who are wounded or suspected to have rabies, dog breeders shall be sent to the dog inspection houses established by the public security organs in time, and the animal epidemic prevention supervision agency shall be quarantined; It is confirmed that dogs with rabies, and animal epidemic prevention supervision agencies should take extinguishing measures in accordance with the law and carry out harmless treatment.

    In units that discover epidemic diseases such as rabies, individuals shall report to the district, county animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, and health administrative departments in a timely manner; The epidemic area, and adopted preventive measures such as emergency dogs. The public security organs assist in doing a good job.

    Itage to dog breeding and sales, holding dog exhibitions, running animal diagnosis and treatment institutions or engaging in other dog business activities, shall obtain the permission of the animal husbandry and veterinary administrative department, and apply for industrial and commercial registration in accordance with the law. , And check the public security organs.

    The personnel engaged in animal diagnosis and treatment shall have veterinarian qualifications and have been registered with practice.

    The prohibited zone and key management areas are prohibited from engaging in dog breeding, sales, and host dog exhibitions.

    If parts and individuals who are breeding and selling dogs must comply with the following regulations:

    (1) Dogs for breeding should prevent dog rabies prevention After vaccination, after vaccination, the animal health immune certificate of the animal epidemic prevention supervision agency is issued;

    (2) Dogs sold for animal health immune certificates and quarantine certificates;

    ( 3) The breeding dogs shall not bring out the breeding venue.

    It 22 prohibits the use of documents and certifications related to the use of dogs and dog business activities related to dog business activities.

    It 23 In order to violate these regulations, any unit or individual has the right to criticize, discourage it, or report it to the residents ‘committee and villagers’ committees, or report to the relevant administrative departments, residents, residents The committee, the villagers’ committee and the relevant departments shall deal with it in a timely manner.

    It those who have disputes between dogs interfere with the normal life of others, the parties may apply to the people’s mediation committee for mediation, or they may sue directly to the people’s court; if the parties do not apply for mediation, the People’s Mediation Committee will You can also actively mediate.

    The mediation agreement reached by the People’s Mediation Committee, the parties should perform.

    The public security organs shall establish a file illegal record file and provide key management of dog breeders who have been reported or punished many times.

    The dog breeder who confiscated his dogs and revoked dog raising registration certificates for violation of these regulations, and will not apply for dog breeding registration within five years.

    The resident committee and villagers’ committees shall disclose matters such as registered dog registration and annual inspection in this residential area to residents and villagers.

    The (Article 26: Article 8, Article 10, and Article 22 of these regulations shall be raised in the forbidden area or raised in the key management area If the dogs and large dogs, as well as the use, alteration and falsification of dog registered dogs, the dogs are confiscated by the public security organs, and they may be fined 10,000 yuan at the unit, and a fine of 5,000 yuan in individuals can be imposed.

    It 27 For the violation of Article 9 of these regulations, if the dog is not registered or the annual inspection of the dog, the public security organs are confiscated, or a fine of 5,000 yuan on the unit shall be paid. fine.

    It 28 For the violation of Article 14 and 15 of these regulations, if the registered registration of dogs or discharge dogs will not be applied for overdue Correction within a time limit, a fine of 2,000 yuan in the unit, and a fine of 500 yuan for the individual office.

    It with one of the following behaviors, the public security organs will be warned, and a fine of less than 2,000 yuan in the unit may be fined for a personal office of 500 yuan. Dog, revoke a dog raising certificate:

    (1) Violation of Article 8 of these regulations, walking dogs in the forbidden area;

    (2) Violation of the 10th of these regulations Article 7, paragraph 1 and second, take the dog into public places, take public transport or small taxis;

    (3) Violation of Article 17 (3)

    (4) Violation of Article 17, 4, and fifth item of these regulations;

    (5) Violation of these regulations second second Article 11, the breeding dog is brought out of the breeding venue.

    It Article 30 To violate Article 17 of these regulations, the dogs will not immediately remove the dogs on outdoor feces, and the city management comprehensive law enforcement organization shall order Raiders and can be fined 50 yuan.

    It 31 illegation of Article 20, 21, (1) (1 and 22, and 22 of these regulations shall be illegally engaged in dog operating activities. The administrative department or animal husbandry and veterinary administrative department handles it in accordance with the law; if there is no licensed dogs on street flow, the comprehensive law enforcement organization of urban management shall be handled according to law.

    It 32nd administrative departments and comprehensive law enforcement organizations with duties of dog breeding management shall implement law enforcement responsibility systems, actively perform management responsibilities in accordance with legal procedures, and law enforcement.

    The staff of administrative departments with responsibilities of dog breeding management and staff of the comprehensive law enforcement organization of urban management. If one of the following acts, the unit or superior authorities shall give criticism and education to make corrections; the circumstances are serious For administrative sanctions:

    (1) For dog breeders who meet the requirements of these regulations, they will not handle dogs registration, annual inspection or deliberate delay;
    n (2) Those who are not dealt with or pushing each other in law enforcement inspection or receiving reports;

    (3) Other abuse of power, neglect of duty, and private fraud.

    33 The municipal public security organs have set up dog retained inspection plants, and are responsible for handling dogs, dogs that are confiscated, and owners.

    This dogs established by the public security organs can be recognized and adopted within 7 days from the date of receiving; Dogs should be treated with pollution -free treatment.

    It 34 The Municipal People’s Government and relevant administrative departments shall formulate supporting regulations and standardized documents that implement these regulations.

    35 The provisions shall be implemented from October 15, 2003.

    The “Beijing Strict Restricted Dogs Regulations” adopted by the 14th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 10th People’s Congress of Beijing on November 30, 1994 was abolished at the same time.

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  2. Pets in urban residents cancel the subsistence allowance!
    2005-11-14 13:50:06 Guangzhou Daily

    ———————————————————————————————————————————– ———————————————— —-

    The pets are loved by citizens.

    If Nanfang News yesterday (13th), the reporter learned from the Zhuhai Civil Affairs Department that the city took the lead in the province to introduce the “Urban and Rural Symposurential Family Revenue Accounting Measures”, which will be implemented on January 1, 2006. Essence

    “Previously, we have introduced the” Implementation Measures for the Minimum Living Security of Urban and Rural Residents in Zhuhai “, which stipulates that if the low -guarantee people have pets, cars, high -end non -living necessities, etc. Do not enter the subsistence allowance. Two regulations will regulate the application conditions for the subsistence allowances to better prevent fraud! “

    Case display
    n N
    The Mr. Zhang, who lives in Xiangzhou District, has been receiving a minimum guarantee, but his neighbor recently reported to the civil affairs department. Mr. Zhang opened the Mahjong Pavilion. Many people went to play mahjong every day. The income was very good. Moreover, his wife also seems to have a job, with a monthly income of thousands of yuan.

    The civil affairs department conducted an investigation immediately according to this situation. Sure enough, the low -family income of the low guarantee households was more than 2,000 yuan, far exceeding the 900 minimum insurance standards of Zhuhai. Boss, we also want to apply for a minimum guarantee, we feel unspeakable. “

    The civil affairs department immediately decided to stop the minimum guarantee for the family and no longer issue a minimum guarantee.

    The pet dog application for minimum guarantee

    is more outrageous. This year, a woman driving a private car came to the civil affairs department and held a pet dog in her arms. Essence The woman claims that she is an unemployed poor and needs to receive a minimum insurance, otherwise they will not be able to live.

    The civil affairs department asked her, since she ca n’t live, how can they drive dogs. The woman answered that the car was a second -hand cheap goods she bought. The puppy was so pitiful that she was reluctant to discard. N
    , of course, the woman was also rejected by the civil affairs department. The civil affairs department told her a minimum living allowance policy, and the woman finally stated that she did not meet the minimum living conditions.

    The relevant regulations

    This pets to buy high -end electrical appliances must not apply for minimum guarantee

    similar incidents often occur. Among the teams applying for a low guarantee households in Xiangzhou District, several households do not belong to the subsistence allowances every month. Conditions. Therefore, we decided to introduce relevant regulations to regulate the application conditions for the subsistence allowances and prevent fraud. “

    ” Implementation Measures for the Minimum Living Security of Urban and Rural Residents in Zhuhai “stipulates that” buy high -end non -living necessities at home; There are small cars or other non -operating motor vehicles; the total monthly communication and electricity costs generated for three consecutive months exceeded 15%of the local family’s monthly minimum insurance standard … “

    ” Two times without justified reasons, public welfare labor and pets that refuse to participate in community organizations for three consecutive times and refuse to participate in community organizations will be eligible for the minimum insurance. ” The work depending on its income higher than the low guarantee

    The newly introduced “Zhuhai Urban and Rural Littaidum Family Incontataining Measures” mainly stipulates how to calculate the family income of minimum guarantee households. Many of them are the first in the province. “If you are engaged in individual operations and other labor remuneration work, if your income cannot be defined or you cannot provide relevant certificates, it is calculated according to the minimum wage standard of employees where the household registration is located.”

    “At the same time , To have labor capabilities and unlimited minimum living standards in the legal age, such as the introduction of labor employment organized by the labor department three times in half a year, depending on its family income higher than the local subsistence allowance standards, the subsistence allowances will be stopped since next month. Treatment. “

    ” and employees who receive living subsidies or one -time economic compensation for their family income for termination or relieve labor relationships or one -time economic compensation. Six reasonable expenses such as miscellaneous fees during the period. “

    ” In addition, scholarships, scholarships, living allowances, difficulty subsidies obtained by students in the school, transferred, and retired resettlement fees When the income is income, it will not be included in the family income. “

    The statement of all parties

    Citizen: Most of them agree with

    Understand the opinions of citizens. Most citizens have no objection to the above provisions. Some citizens said that the national minimum living security is to ensure the lives of citizens. If fraudulent protection occurs, it is actually equivalent to occupying the minimum living resources of others, which is extremely immoral.

    but some citizens have put forward perfect opinions on individual terms. For the cancellation of the low guarantee for pets, Wu Jun, the person in charge of the Zhuhai Animal Protection Association, proposed that it should further clarify which animals of the pets refer to. Cats, birds, fish, little squirrels, and pigeons are considered pets? It is also a dog, a native dog and vegetable dog raised by the poor, and of course, the expensive pet dogs should be distinguished.

    Wu Jun said that breeding pets can to a certain extent to regulate physical and mental and relieve stress. Low; low -fidelity households have lived at the low -level society, and psychologically prone to low -class ideas, pets can allow them to relieve inferiority.

    In Experts: Pets are consumer behavior

    Is experts from Zhuhai Civil Affairs Bureau said that pets refer to animals fed with special breeding methods. Pets are a pure consumer behavior. In the city, it is mainly to raise pet dogs and pet cats. “In the review of low -guarantee households, the hidden income of family members is often unable to verify. How much call fee is used for a month. “

    ” If a family can support pets, the premise should first be able to support themselves, so such people should not enjoy the minimum living allowances; After that, the low -guarantee households were canceled due to the breeding of pets. In fact, we did not receive any reports from the masses, reflecting that the low guarantee household raising pets

  3. Raising dogs is a bad habit, and urban dogs are harmful and have no benefit. It should increase the cost of raising dogs in cities. The bad habits should be strong. It can only be a personal problem, and it must not affect others!

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