4 thoughts on “How to trim the ear hair of the family of poodles? What key points should be paid to?”

  1. Poodle is a kind of dog breed with thick hair. The top of the skull is slightly round, the brows are light but clear, and the cheeks are flat. The color of the eyes is very dark, the eyes are wide, and the eyes are alarm. The kiss minister was straight and slender, and there was a slight depression under the eyes. The neck is strong, and the neck can raise the head high. If the hair of the poodle is not trimmed for a long time, it will affect the appearance of the dog, and it will also affect the normal life of the dog. In particular, the hair in the ear area of ​​the poodle should be trimmed frequently. So how to trim the ear hair of the Vaplet?
    First of all, before trimming the hair, we must sort out the dog's hair. Because the hair of the poodle is more curly, in daily life, the hair of the poodle is easy to knot, and it is easy to accumulate some dirt on the hair. In this case, we are not easy to trim, so we must sort the dog hair first so that we can flatten the dog hair and clean up a lot of dirt. When combing your hair, you should sort out from the middle to both sides.

    After brushing, we need to take a bath for the dog. Wash the dog's body, and then wash its hair with a dog for shampoo. Then rub it back and forth with your hand to remove the dirt on the dog. After rubbing, rinse the shower gel with water. After washing, we had to blow dry dog's hair. But before that, we wiped the dog's body with a dry towel. When we blow dry the dog, do not ventilate too close to the dog's hair. Avoid burning your dog. When blowing, comb the dog's hair with a comb.

    In combing the hair, we can trim the dog's ear hair. When trimming the dog's ears, we better use an electric shaver. First of all, we hold the dog and hold it. Do not let it walk around to avoid the shaving knife from hurting the dog. It is best to have someone else to do it together. When shaving, we can use two cotton swabs to plug the dog's ears to prevent the hair from entering the dog's ears and bring discomfort to the dog. Then gently scrape the hair on the ears with a shaved knife. After shaving, blow the hair with a hair dryer.

  2. The trimming method of the ear hair of the family is very simple. Gently cut it in the direction of the dog's hair. Be careful not to cut it to the dog's ears.

  3. First combine the poodle's ears, it is best to trim it with an elevator knife, and trim it along the direction of the ears; be sure not to cut it to the dog's ears, and start with the ears.

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