1 thought on “What is the name of pet software in WeChat”

  1. Hello! I am very happy to answer you, text version tutorials:
    1, download and install the mobile phone pet app

    2, open the software, give the "suspended window" or "display in other applied upper layers" permissions.

    3, click "Start", set the "movement direction" (horizontal or vertical), "delay time" (can be customized delay display time), "sound" There will be three sounds during the movement on the screen).

    4. After setting, click "SHOW DOG", and the pet dog will be displayed on the phone screen. Open WeChat and QQ applications, pet dogs will still be displayed normally, it is not affected, and it is very fun.

    5, want to cancel the displayed pet dog, click "Click to delete dogs" or software icon in the notification bar, and then return to the desktop.

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