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  1. Puppy blood in the stool may be caused by anal rupture, parasitic diseases, and viral diseases. First of all, when the puppy’s feces are dry, the anal rupture and bleeding will occur. Drink more water. Secondly, when a puppy has a parasitic disease, there will be blood in the stool. At this time, it is recommended that the owner gives the puppy for deworming in the body. Finally, puppies suffer from viral diseases such as canine plague and small viral diseases. They need to consult a doctor in time for treatment.

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  2. Several causes of dog blood stool:
    . Caused by food:
    1. The heat in the food causes constipation and liver door cracks.
    2. Eat red food. Red foods such as tomato (drawing red at first, but not blood)
    3. Acute gastroenteritis caused by food can severely cause blood pulling blood. This kind of gastrointestinal treasure probiotics can be mixed with a daily diet and drinking water in dogs to promote gastrointestinal metabolism. It has good effects on dogs, vomiting, loss of appetite, and indigestion.
    . The virus is caused by:
    1. Small. (Vomiting violently, pull blood in the later period)
    2. Crown. (Pull the mucous membrane, it may also cause blood pulling)
    3, canine plague. (Three types of mental depression, eyes shit, snot, gastrointestinal gaps)
    These three types of viruses above the above must be sent to the hospital for treatment. It is recommended to disinfect the home environment during treatment. Not afraid of dog licking, especially safe.
    4. Parasites. (The rough, thin, pale mucous membrane, diluted blood) In this case, you must quickly use the pet Anda Guangpu deworming tablet to remove the dog, and the effect is good.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am Liu Xin, a national practicing veterinarian, and I am glad to communicate with you for 14 years. I will solve the problem for you next. Please describe the specific problems of the pet and the basic situation of pets in detail.nQuestion hello, the dog takes home for 6 days to cough and do not sleep.nWhat is the reasonnAnswer Hello, pet blood in the stool is usually gastrointestinal infection, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, or foreign body damage causes intestinal mucosal ulcer injury and bleeding.nHello, coughing is the symptoms of respiratory tract infections. Because of the younger age, this situation must be ruled out first, and infectious diseases, influenza, adenovirus, etc., if these respiratory tract infectious diseases are excluded, it is ordinary cold, which can be treated according to cold.n3 morenBleak

  4. There are many possibilities of pulling blood.
    The food:
    1: Food internal heat, causing constipation, cracked anus (blood, wrapped outside the stool)
    2: Eat red, tomatoes, pepper and other things will be red. Belly red
    3: Acute enteritis caused by food will be severely pulled.
    The blood caused by the virus:
    1: fine and small enteritis, generally accompanied by the symptoms of severe vomiting, blood pulled in the later period, and the white blood cells decreased.
    2: Coronary virus pulls the mucous membrane, which may also cause blood pulling.
    3: Canine plague intestinal inflammation type is generally black.
    The blood caused by parasites:
    1: Balls, this is more common, not vomiting, appetite, began to be pure diarrhea, rough back hair, weight loss, and finally pulled blood.
    2: Hookworms, tapeworms, tricles, etc. can also cause symptoms of blood or anemia.

  5. If the dog has poor appetite, thin body, blood with blood, and black, brown or asphalt, it should be infected with parasites in the body. It is recommended to feed some stubborn diarrhea, drive the parasite, repair the gastrointestinal tract, repair the gastrointestinal tract Mucous membrane, the effect is good

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