2 thoughts on “I want to ask what dog is this, I feel like a little dog? Solve”

  1. Chinese pastoral dog (Latin scientific name: Canis Lupus), traditionally called "earth dog". About 40 ~ 60 cm high, weighing about 15-35 kg.
    The Chinese pastoral dogs and early rising, wolves, Chinese wolves, grassland wolves, the shapes are very similar, with short mouth and flat. Chinese local dogs are mainly distributed south of the Great Wall and east of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau. The low -altitude of the Han nationality centered on the central region is widely existed in the rural Han and Southeast Asia regions in China. As a pet dog. The Chinese pastoral dog is the product of the Chinese Han nationality in the context of thousands of years of farming society. It is the activated stone of history and culture. It is known as the "Chinese dog"

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