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  1. Chinese pastoral dogs, commonly known as Chinese soil dogs, are divided into multiple varieties according to different regions. rn第一、苏浙犬,乖巧,有很强的责任感,乐于看家;rn第二、梅华田园犬,体型较小,身子短;rn第三、骁Cang Tianyuan dogs, commonly known as big yellow dogs, are suitable for housekeeping;
    . Fourth, Lianyong rural dogs, there are many morphological characteristics, the head is more triangular, the ears are half stand, and the limbs are long.
    The Chinese pastoral dog, traditionally called “earth dog”, some places in the north are also called “firewood dogs”, which belongs to a kind of mammals in the family of meat, dogs, and dogs. ~ 55 cm, weighing about 10 ~ 30 kg.
    is a native dog breed that needs to be saved. In the past, it was widely existed in rural China and Southeast Asia. Nowadays, urbanization is also widely regarded as pet dogs.

  2. The Chinese pastoral dogs can be roughly divided into three major products, namely the northern products department, Jiangsu and Zhejiang products, and the Department of Guangdong and Guangxi. Note: The three major products are the result of macro analysis. There must be some unique subspecies in many small places. There are still a large part of the border crossing area between these three major distribution areas, and the dogs here also appear in transition.
    The distribution zone of the three major products is a triangle, and there is a large blank area in the middle. It is mainly Hubei and Hunan. Whether the local dogs in this area are independent or transitional varieties need to be further studied and demonstrated.
    The northern products are distributed from the Northeast-Yellow River Basin-Yangtze River Middle and Upstream-Yunnan Plateau, from northeast to southwest. Although there are huge environmental differences in this vast area, especially factors such as North and South Climate, etc., the dog’s individual size and hair quality are different, but the shape of this area is extremely similar.
    The characteristics are: there are many hairs of hairs, and there are fewer dogs with monochrome and colorful hair. The ears collapsed before the ears. The ears are naturally hanging in front of the head), and there are often long hair tails, retaining the characteristics of more northern dog species. The northern folding ear dogs are half -folded in front of the ears, and the face is majestic. It is a very good house.
    The Jiangsu and Zhejiang products are mainly distributed in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Anhui. The dog breeds in this area are characterized by large ears and upright, high ear position, full ears, long limbs, long abdominal hair, and most of them, miscellaneous, miscellaneous, mixed, mixed There are fewer hair dogs, long and intact.
    The dogs in this area have great similarities with dogs in Japan and South Korea. Perhaps it is closely related to the frequent foreign exchanges in the ancient Chinese East China Sea. Not only the spread of Chinese culture, it also brings various Chinese products including livestock dogs to these places.
    The distribution area of ​​the Guangdong and Guangxi products is centered on Guangdong, including parts of Guangxi and Fujian. Dog species in this area also make everyone the most well -known, such as: Shapi, Chaoshan Datou, and Chow Chow, Guangdong. These dogs also have a deep relationship with the local pastoral dogs, and they have similar blood and appearance characteristics.

    extension information
    Inned breed dog mating and reproduction, so that the excellent quality of the dogs can be consolidated and developed on their descendants, so that people The disadvantages that do not want to gradually disappear in their descendants, which is the purpose of choosing.
    Is when the same variety of male dogs and female dogs with the same excellent traits, not only can ensure that their offspring varieties are pure, but they can also consolidate and develop the excellent qualities of their parents on their offspring. This kind of mating mating Breeding is called purebred breeding.
    Mou with a good variety of male dogs with another variety of female dogs. Because of their different excellent traits, they can obtain offspring with different excellent quality of parents. Using two different types of male beasts and female beasts, the new varieties or descendants with new traits are cultivated. You can cultivate new dogs that are fierce against the enemy.
    Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Zhonghua Tianyuan Dog
    Reference Data Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Chinese Rural Dogs

  3. The Chinese pastoral dogs include Jiangsu and Zhejiang Dogs, Xiao Cang Aiji Dogs, etc.
    The different regions are divided into multiple varieties. Suzhe Zhejiang dogs are well -behaved and have a strong sense of responsibility. Suitable for housekeeping.
    The Chinese pastoral dogs are one of the Chinese native dog breeds. The meat is not strong and the diet is omnivorous. It is very similar to the shape of the wolf, with a short mouth and flat. The area is widely distributed, mainly distributed in the south of the Great Wall, east of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau, and the low -altitude of the Han nationality centered on the Central Plains.

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