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  1. For China, chocolate is still relatively new food. It has developed in China for more than 50 years. Since the 1970s, scale production has developed rapidly from the 1990s. At present, the total production volume of the country is about 70,000 tons. The per capita consumption is about 50-60 grams. For developed countries, such as Japanese 7 kg, European per capita is basically more than 10 kg. It can be said that domestic development is rapid, but the gap is very large. The development of chocolate is related to living standards. The living standards increase, and the consumption volume will gradually expand. In recent years, the per capita income of the country has gradually increased, and the next 3-5 years will also be a relatively rapid development of my country's chocolate. The chocolate industry is highly concentrated, and the market is oligoral monopoly. At present, the four brands of Dove, Jibaili, Hao Shi, and Golden Emperor have occupied more than 70%of the Chinese chocolate market, and the market is oligopoly. Competitive enterprises have differentiated into three major camps: the first camp is a foreign brand represented by Dove, Jibaili, Hao Shi, Ferrero, etc., occupying most of the share of the high -end chocolate market; The joint venture brand represented by Dengwei dominates the mid -range chocolate market; the third camp is a local brand represented by Shenfeng and Golden Monkey, occupying the main share of the low -end chocolate market.

    The research data shows: 2002-2007 The average annual growth rate (CAGR) of the Chinese chocolate market was 11%. From the perspective of product structure, the currently dominant position of the bag chocolate market, from from the dominant position of the market. From In terms of product taste, milk -flavored chocolate candy leads to other products. In the past three years, China's chocolate candy industry has benefited from the sharp economic growth, so consumer purchasing power has risen. We expect that the Chinese chocolate market will reach about 9.8 billion yuan by 2012.

    "2008-2012 China Chocolate Market Survey Consultation and Development Forecast Report" is divided into 11 chapters. First, the basic situation, production process and development environment of the chocolate industry. Secondly, the chocolate -related industries, the current status of the chocolate market, the market sales scale of various types of chocolate, and the development of chocolate brands have a deeper analysis of the development of the chocolate packaging industry and key enterprises in the industry. Finally, the investment, development trends and sales scale of the chocolate industry have been scientifically predicted.

    The reports of this report based on the National Statistics Bureau, the National Development and Reform Commission, the China Customs, the China Trade Promotion Association, the basic information of the magazine at home and abroad, as well as the large amount of content and statistics provided by professional research units, as well as professional research units. Accurate data and data provides accurate market intelligence information and scientific decision -making basis for strategic investors to choose proper investment opportunities and company leadership strategic planning. At the same time, it also has great reference value for bank credit departments.

    The sugar -free formula designed by marc renault. The nutritional value of chocolate has always been paid attention to more people. The survey shows that in the past three years, the sales of sugar -free chocolate in the United States and the Nordic market have increased at a rate of 30%per year.

    The problems of obesity and weight control have been very concerned recently. The WHO and FAO organizations suggest that the energy provided by sugar should not exceed 10%of the total amount.

    For chocolate manufacturers, it is necessary to provide sugar -free chocolate, but also retain its traditional sweetness, flavor and smooth taste, which is a new challenge.

    Crystalline maltosol can be used as a substitute sucrose product in high -quality sugar -free chocolate, because it has the same sweetness and taste as the same as sucrose. Crystal maltositol can be completely replaced by sucrose in chocolate according to weight, no need to change the production program and formula, and it does not need to add additional high -power sweeteners or fat.

    Claded chocolate with crystal maltol alcohol can meet consumers' all requirements for health, low calories, low blood sugar, and tooth tooth care.

    The sugar content in traditional chocolate is 30%to 55%(mostly sucrose, milk chocolate contain lactose). The sweet taste agent of sucrose that can replace chocolate must have the following characteristics:

    high sweetness, similar to sucrose;
    low coolness;
    Following point;
    low moisture absorption;
    high crystals;
    low moisture content;
    special surface area;
    , Easy to formula, nutrition.

    The in the market, there is a series of sucrose substitutes, including fructose, because their hypoglycemia indicators are close to maltosol, so they can be applied to chocolate formula. However, it requires reducing refined temperatures in production to avoid particle lumps and high hygroscopic absorption of the final product.

    In sugar -free chocolate, due to good technical characteristics and taste characteristics, polyol is used as an alternative to sucrose, where malt glycol is the most popular.

    The taste characteristics of maltoseol non -sugar chocolate
    Sweetness and flavor

    using maltose alcohol as sweetener to produce chocolate, no need to add as Asba sweet Other high -power sweeteners, unlike the isopacitositol and lactic alcohol in polyol, must be added to the use of other high -power sweeteners in use.

    Compared with the sour fruit sugar, the taste of maltoseol is pure and sweet. Take the black chocolate and milk chocolate (56%and 39%of the cocoa content) of the maltosol -alcohol group, and compare 12 trained personnel reviews, compared with the same content of sucrose of the same content:

    bitter chocolate force Comparison of texture (cocoa content 56%)
    Matonose alcohol black chocolate traditional black chocolate
    maltose alcohol 43,6 -

    Cocoa liquid block 43,6 43,6
    Colin 12,3 12,3
    Lecithin 0,5 0,5
    Total 100,0

    I have worked in chocolate for many years and loved Asian consumers. Hope you produce a sugar -free chocolate product! Intersection Intersection Intersection Revitalize the national brand! Intersection Intersection

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