4 thoughts on “When we adopt pet dogs, how can we make dogs obedient?”

  1. When we adopt pet dogs, we must definitely want to learn the dogs from strange training, but some dogs are not good, which makes the owner sweat in the training! So how do you train your dog and make the dog more obey the master's words? In fact, we know that dogs are animals but have human beings. When the owner is happy, the dog will be happy. When the host is angry, the dog will understand that it does something wrong. Dogs are very smart animals, but they only accept the same degree in training, so the owner must be patient during normal training. So how to train?

    The most common mentality of our human beings in front of pets is to establish prestige, but the owner should not rush to achieve success, and it should be implemented step by step. At the beginning, of course, to make friends with dogs. In the case of dogs and owners unfamiliar, dogs will have alert mentality. After the owner can communicate with the dog more for a few hours, naturally the relationship between you will be A lot of close. If the owner is high in comprehensive quality, you can also teach dogs not to do some low quality things, such as urination such as such as anywhere, bullying similar dogs. In training, if the dog is doing well, the owner can use some food as a reward. The reward is the most happy thing for the dog, because the owner is all the dogs! When the dog deliberately makes some mistakes, the owner must also criticize the dog in time to let it know that it is wrong.

    In normal time, the owner can also play a small game with the dog to cultivate the feelings of the dog and the owner, and also allow the dog to move the bones. When the dog sees the owner who is busy with work and is busy with housework, it will also consciously do something. It may be insignificant, but it will also be very warm. Some owners may think that the dogs they buy so much will definitely be used to it. This is like the only child. If you are too much, you will be out of control. The owner must also teach it, otherwise the dog will be more self. In the future teaching, the owner will also find that his favorite dogs will not obey their orders.

    In communication with dogs, the owner should not be stuck in his own praise, but also often touch its head, let it know that it is also a baby in the heart of the owner. In fact, as long as you train dogs with your heart, they will obey the owners. Although there are some naughty dogs, they can master them as long as they are slightly severe! The most important thing to treat dogs is patience.

  2. After adopting pet dogs, we must take care of its life and teach its skills to survive. If you want dogs to obedient, you need to communicate more with it so that it will experience the owner's concern. Love dogs start from care.

  3. First of all, you must put a dog rope on the outdoor. After walking for a while, stop, shout "Come", the dog is stretched out of the dog, dragging the dog over for a few minutes, and the condition reflected the conditions for a few days.

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