1 thought on “What should I do if my pet dog is always called”

  1. Dogs have been calling for the following methods:
    1. Multi -exercise: sufficient exercise can consume the energy of the dog. After playing or running all day, the Dog Ning can sleep well and is unwilling to waste anymore. The energy dog ​​barks.
    2, bone bite: If something can block the dog's mouth, they have no time to scream. Those things that are more difficult to bite are more challenging, so when you are ready to go out, throw them first, throw first first Give their favorite toys to make them boring time. If the dog has something to do, there is no time to scream. Before going out, you can rub their favorite toys with your hands so that your taste can be left on it. When you can't see the owner, the lonely dog ​​will spend more time, looking for the owner's taste on the toys, and forget the dog call.
    3, respond to dogs. If the dog lacks a sense of security, it will constantly call. At this time, the owner should respond and soothe the dog to stabilize the dog's emotions.
    4. Take small punishment. If the dog keeps screaming, you can take appropriate punishment so that the dog should not be able to do so.

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