4 thoughts on “If you eat leftovers and leftovers in your home, will it kill them?”

  1. If you often eat leftovers leftovers for pet dogs at home, it may really kill them. Because the gastrointestinal and intestines of pet dogs are relatively weak, there is no way to adapt to the oil and salt in the leftovers. It is very likely that diarrhea and diarrhea will occur. Slowly, the body will become worse and worse. It is weak, it is easy to get sick, and naturally loses life. If the owner can't afford the dog food and canned dogs, he can make a pet dog alone without oil and salt, and then add some nutritional agents. If you don't spend a lot of money, you can make pet dogs healthy.
    This dogs are more troublesome, because dogs and people are different, especially pet dogs. Chinese pastoral dogs can eat leftovers and leftovers, and it is given only a little soup with white rice, not food for dogs to eat big oil and salt. And the Chinese pastoral dog has evolved for many years, and its stomach is much better than pet dogs. Therefore, the body of this dog is very strong and cannot be compared with pet dogs. Coupled with the Chinese pastoral dog, often running in the field, catch some small prey, and eat some grass, which will make your body healthier, and will not get sick because you eat leftovers and leftovers.
    Since pet dogs have been raised, the owner should be responsible for this dog and do not hurt the dog. If the dog dies because of the owner's reasons, the owner is also very sad. Therefore, you must look at some dogs to raise dogs before raising dogs, so that the dog can be raised, and it will not let the dog eat something that cannot be eaten. The leftovers can be appropriately allowed to eat a little bit. It is best to give white rice or white steamed buns, and then pour the light soup. Do not give the dogs for hair blood or braised pork. After that, the director also takes the dog to exercise more, so that the dogs can digest all the food.
    It can be seen from it that raising dogs spend a lot of time and money. People who are not ready to prepare this preparation should not go to raise dogs, and don't let the dogs very hard.

  2. They will not kill them, but they will have an impact on their bodies, because many pets should not eat heavy salt foods, and eating our food will increase their kidney burden.

  3. No, isn't it normal for puppies to eat leftovers and leftovers, and they have eaten them, and they are not poisonous. Dogs in rural areas are so raised, and they are fat.

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