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  1. You have to reach the airport of the departure airport for quarantine for more than 3 hours in advance. Carry all the existing proofs of birth and vaccination. If it is a big dog, you may be required to show the dog's certificate. Passengers enter the cabin at the same time and cannot be used as luggage. Passengers who need to bring a pet will go to the airport freight department to check the cargo consignment procedures for pets before going through the flight procedures to check in the cargo cabin.
    Freckage: Domestic air transport: On average 9.2 yuan/kg (Beijing -Shanghai)
    Thestay for the animal quarantine department issued by the county level (including the county level) or above for the pet consignment procedure During the valid period of quarantine certificate. In addition, the packaging of pets meets the standard requirements, which is usually made of iron or wooden cages.

  2. Air transport pets require animal quarantine certificates, and then place pets in wooden cages and put water and food. A 20 -kg pet, the price is between 300 yuan and 500 yuan.

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