Suitable for girls to raise pet dogs.

For example, Chow Chow. Husky. What is Satsuma. Essence Essence It's easier to raise. Essence Do not love to get sick. Essence How to distinguish. Essence Is it purely species? Essence

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  1. Answer Hello, I am Xiao Chen, your question will be answered by me. It takes a while to sort out the answer. Please wait patiently for 5 minutes ~nGirls are the best to raise Bumei firstnQuestion but hair loss, it is easy to get heart disease and other diseasesnI'm afraid I can't livenAnswer Pomeranian is a delicate small dog breed. They are small and exquisite and full of aura. As one of the most popular breeds of small dogs, Bomei has a lot of fans in the world.nBut it's cutenSecondly, you can consider the poodlenThe poodle is more suitable. Whether it is a giant VIP or a toy VIP, there is a temperament of a natural loved ones. VIP hair is naturally curly, but the hair loss is relatively not serious.nI hope my answer can help you, I wish you a happy life, if you can, you can like it, thank you [Flowers]n7 morenBleak

  2. To be honest, pure -breed dogs are not easy to raise ~ I personally recommend that if you like large dogs, you will be Satsuma. The personality is smart, docile and friendly ~ 1. Try to choose puppies born in about 40 days. 2. Pay attention to whether the parents' appearance is excellent, and the strongest puppies should be selected in the same nest. You can put the puppy's belly upside down. If puppies can actively turn around, they are considered passing. 3. Pure puppies with pure hair color. Therefore, you must choose a puppies with rich hair, a handful feeling, and can automatically bounce away. During this period, there is a small amount of fetal hair in the ear, which does not affect the viewing and can be purchased. 4. The eyes must be obvious almond -like. I don't know what almond looks like. The color of the eyes must be black, clear and transparent, and no turbid. 5. The nose should not be too long, and there is a certain width. The nasal mirror should be black. But this period may not be completely dark, don't be afraid. 6. Satsuma is to stand up, but Satsuma, who stands ear three months ago, is definitely not an excellent Satsuma. So don't choose this period to stand up. 7. See if the limbs are horizontal, there is no inner eight or eight. 8. In addition, check whether the body has lumps and the like. If a small dog is a small dog, the small dog is generally not obedient and more fierce. But girls are more suitable, because the body is small, the appearance of cuteness is as follows: Body type: It is best to not exceed 6 pounds. The proportion of the body is rectangular; The male body is slightly more ideal. Top: It is best to be a round "apple -shaped" head. The expression is beautiful. The eyes are large but not prominent, well -proportioned, it is best to show bright black or red (pale yellow or white dogs allow white eyes). The ears are large and standing ears, which are more upright when they are alert, but when rest, the ears will be separated, and the ears are 45 degrees. Hind limbs: strong muscles, properly strong and strong. The feet are the same limbs. Mao: The short hair type is very soft, tight and smooth, and the head and ears are sparse. The hair on the tail is similar to fur. The ideal situation is: the feet and legs are decorated with hair, retreating with shorts, and hairy collar on the neck. However, Chihuahua feeds a lot, which is a more delicate dog ~~ If the landlord wants to raise it, you can take a look at the crossing encyclopedia ~ I personally think that if it is not very particular about it, the string is better to raise. No matter what dog, as long as you make yourself very cute, you will be loyal to yourself!

  3. 1. Toys (small dogs)
    History: Puili is the French variety, once used as a hunter, the renovation of the renovation of the 19th and 20th centuries reached its peak of its development, used as hunting, performance and companionship. According to the size of the body size, the most popular is the smaller species: mini VIP and toys poodle. Among them, toys are the smallest type.
    A average life expectancy: 14 ~ 17 years
    I IQ: Extreme
    Matestacororphosis: Midtop
    Table training degree: Extremely high
    Personality: smart, responsible, easy to train training , Quiet, reliable
    to get along with children: Suitable for
    The attitude towards strangers: friendliness
    Colon with other pets: suitable for
    function: family partner dog
    akc popular list: 5
    Price: 800 --- 1000 yuan a
    Samoyed dog
    (Samoyed) (medium dog)
    Working dog
    29 n29
    The size of the dog species ★★★★
    Dogs get along with ★★★
    The door defense capabilities ★
    Over the years, the history and legends about the Samoyed dog are as fascinating as this dog. The story begins on the Iranian plateau. The earliest residence of human beings, and the powerful tribe will rush to a long distance to ensure that they have sufficient food. The driven tribe has been walking north, passing through China (one of the world cultural centers), and a vast frozen band between the Baihai and the Easeni River. They found that it was safe after the natural barrier of ice and snow. These people are the earliest residents of Samoye, Samoye. The Samoye is considered the transitional race of purebred Mongolians and Finns. Here, they have been living nomadic life and grazing reindeer. The Samoye breed dogs help them graze and lag, and let the dogs accompany them.
    In centuries, Samoyed dogs have kept purebred. Among all modern dog breeds, Samoyed dogs are one of the closest to primitive dog breeds, but there are no blood samples of mixed wolves or foxes. The sunshine and ice of the Arctic gave the Samoyed Dog's white and ice -like luster. Palming with people for a long time has an incredible understanding of the Samoyed dog. The protector of the reindeer rather than the killer makes the Samoyed dog unique. The happy childish character of the primitive residents can be found in each Samoyed dog.
    The long -term getting along with people has not made Samoyed dogs get used to it. As a working dog, the Samoyed dog maintains a record that is difficult to surpass in the polar expedition. The sled dog of the early polar expedition (
    9 male dogs, average weight of 26.63 kg; 9 mother dogs, an average weight of 22.91 kg) work day after day. Although they want to pull their own materials with double weighing, they are still happy and carefree. This is the typical personality of the Samoyed dog. At each adventure, Jackson, Jackson-, The
    dabruzzi) R N Scott and the most famous Roald
    amurdsen successfully arrived in the Antarctic in 1911, all of which added a brilliance to the history of the Samoyed dog.

  4. Yes, it is not suitable for first support. The baby who just hugged home loved illness. I cared about it in the first month when I raised Teddy. One was to stick to the person and the other was weakness. Very sticky, maybe small dogs are like this and lack a sense of security.
    The dogs will be coquettish. This is a docile education that is related to the education of the host.
    It if you are used to it, petting the sky, it must be spicy,
    Before the age of one year, he develops a good habit of politeness, and it will be a docile dog in the future.
    As for cuteness, each type of dog has its own cuteness, and it is difficult to compare. When you cultivate feelings with it, you will feel that it is the cutest dog in the world. Every The dog owner of the dog loves this way,
    small dogs who do not lose hair, I know the VIPs, Sherry, Yorkxia, these three are very common,
    , there is another kind of one. It is very small, not foil, it is Malzis, very beautiful,
    long -haired dogs are difficult to take care of it. VIPs, Yorksia, Malzis need to sort out hair frequently.
    Is for first raising, purebred dogs are really difficult to raise.
    Because of the introduction of foreign dogs in China, they are introduced like a few of them, and then close relatives breed a bunch of offspring, so their physique is very poor and easy to get sick. Unlike the strong vitality of the Chinese rural dog.
    If the landlord wants to raise a cute dog without hair, then be sure to prepare first,
    Dogs also have psychological diseases. The most typical is pet separation anxiety, so don't ignore its feelings. If it has this psychological disease, it will become a very annoying puppy. My family will just get my family’s. After that, as long as it can't see you, it starts to yell. The barking is particularly miserable. How long do you go and how long you go, the throat is dumb and continue to call, there is no way, you can't blame it. Besides, this kind of IQ is far less than human dogs, right
    also requires some related breeding knowledge, such as the most basic food that it cannot eat, chocolate will be killed. Otherwise, the humid hair will cause its fungal infection,
    has some beauty, such as the cleaning of the ears and the cleaning of tear marks. It needs to be so troublesome, but its ornamental is worse, and it does not meet the landlord's requirements for it.
    In I wish the original poster to choose a dog that suits you as soon as possible.

  5. In fact, the more pure -breed dogs often get sick
    The general pure -breed dogs are more delicate
    instead they are even more real

    The only dogs that do not lose hair are the three kinds of dogs, Sheronori, and Yorkona
    I I think the words of my home
    This is the first choice

    Small dogs
    1. Chihuahua (especially love)
    2. Bie Bear (take care of time, and hair loss)
    3. n4. Card (said that it is not too sanitary)
    5. Bomei
    and other large dogs are more
    The common on the market are
    1. Gu Mu (around 1500)
    2. Chow Chow (quite stupid, known as a big stomach dog, but the good quality is basically more than 1500 or more, it is almost around 2000)
    3. )
    4. Golden Mao (800)
    5. De Mu (often used as a police dog 1000)
    6. Satsuma (very smart about 800)
    7. The smartest dog, around 2000)
    8. Rowa
    9. Alaska or Siberia (smart and not controlled) n Fuck

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