Small pet dogs are petite, and the amount of food and exercise also requires small. What are the types of small pet dogs?

4 thoughts on “Small pet dogs are petite, and the amount of food and exercise also requires small. What are the types of small pet dogs?”

  1. Small pet dogs are petite in appearance, and their expressions are cute and cute, and they are also required to be small, and they are more and more popular with many urban women. Generally, small pet dogs of adults do not exceed 10kg. Height is also below 40cm. The editor of the small noodle pet will give you the cutest little dog. Including Teddy, Butterfly Dog, York Ship, VIP, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, etc., each dog has its own different personality characteristics. Which one do you like with so many cute small pet dogs?
    The small pet dogs are petite, and the amount of food and exercise also requires small. What are the types of small pet dogs?
    1. Teddy Teddy is definitely the first of small dogs. Because it is not only cute but also very smart, but also very good, it will not scream, hair removal, etc. Parents with hair allergies can consider.
    2. Yorkshine dog York has a long and beautiful hair, elegant and innate aristocratic temperament. And not only smart and dexterous, but also cute. It is not easy to lose hair and can be used as a guard dog. To keep York's beautiful appearance and hair. Washing and grooming him regularly is also very important.
    3. Chihuahua can say that a small pet dog can no longer say Chihuahua. It is also the smallest dog. Personality is a bit nervous. It is also timid. The amount of exercise is not large, and you don't need to take it out often.
    4. Butterfly dog ​​butterfly dog ​​is the most eye -catching is its ears. Because the long hair of the ears stands up like a flying butterfly. It is named. If you want to buy small pets. The butterfly dog ​​is definitely a good choice. The butterfly dog ​​is very docile, smart and sensitive, and obey the owner never bite.
    5. Pomeranian Pomeranian is a type of fox dog. It is lively and cute. And to be friendly. I like to be close to others, I can't wait to bring you a piece with you all the time. But Bomei Personality Police, with movement, will bark. It may disturb the people.
    6. The second list of poodles dog IQ rankings. It is very smart among small pet dogs. Some people also call it a rolling dog and a lady. Because his hair is very personal. Smart and well -behaved, strong adaptability. It was also a pet of European ladies. According to many people, the poodle is equivalent to the IQ of a three -year -old child. In fact, poodles can indeed understand some of the owners' words and respond to the owner's instructions quickly.
    7. French bullfighting dogs are very lively dog ​​breeds, which are easy to throw. And curious about everything. Its personality is also mainly due to the French bullfighting. Fighting is very friendly and kind to children, especially friends who like to raise dogs. Be a close friend.

  2. Small dogs: Yes: VIP/Teddy, Bargers, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Yorksha, VIPs, Mini Sherry, West Gaomi, Wales Corgi, French bullfighting, Bagu, butterfly dog, Japanese sharp mouth, sharp mouth Beijing dogs, Malzis, sausage dogs, mini products, and Shi Shi dogs.

  3. Faju dogs are strong and compact small dogs are excellent family partners, but it does not have a sense of boundaries with the owner, and even make trouble to share the most beloved seat of the owner. Therefore, a lot of people who have been loved by a lot of people are also very loyal to the owner. Those who have raised it will not leave regrets.

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