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  1. Many people now want to raise a dog, but there are very few people who know dogs. There are many varieties of pet dogs. Small dogs are more people like dogs. Little dogs are small and cute in size. If they are gentle, they will like it even more.

    What dogs are good for home? Everyone who raises dogs for the first time has such doubts. The following ten size dogs are cute and gentle, let's find out!

    1, teddy dog ​​

    teddy is not a variety. The teddy dog ​​belongs to the poodle and is a form of trimming hair for poodles. They are all poodles, but their hairstyles are different. Like people, separate heads, flat heads. Generally red, clever, apricot VIPs are fixed into teddy dogs.

    This dogs are lively, excellent, and easy to be approachable. It is a loyal dog species. Very agile, smart and elegant dog, square structure, proportional proportion, strong and confident steps. The IQs of Teddy dogs ranked second among all varieties of dogs.

    2, biocker

    Roll hair than Bear Dogs is lively and active, and you have to have a certain time every day to run and play. Or let it take a walk in the courtyard or take it out. Big Bear dogs have high requirements for the living environment, and they often need to be accompanied by someone. There is no enough time to nourish Bichon.

    The docile personality, lively and cute, like to play with people. Petite, noble temperament. Become more and more people who must choose pets.

    3, Pomeranian

    The Pomek dog is outgoing, smart and lively, and is very suitable for breeding in cities.

    The disadvantage of Pomeranian dogs: sticky people, prefer to call, temperament is easy to excite. It is particularly sensitive, very fierce and bite. Walking, I can do it, it is difficult to discipline. big temper. Strong, jealous. Regularly sorting the hair, not suitable for people who are busy in life.

    4. Chihuahua is loyal to the owner, strong dependence, brave, clever, and curious. The owner must understand the personality of the Chihuahua to get along in harmony with it.

    Chihuahua is smart, but he is very curious about all new things and loves adventure. Therefore, as a master, it is best to have enough time to play with it every day, or buy toys to consume its vigorous energy. Because Chihuahua has been in loneliness for a long time, psychological problems will occur.

    5, Sherry

    Sherina should be a police officer, bravery, obey command. He is very friendly, smart, and happy to please the director. Do not show excessive attacks or timidity. Sherry is relatively independent in personality and is not very sticky. Even the owner can play by himself without the owner.

    Thenari is very Gu's family. For strangers, Sherry's attitude belongs to a comparison police, and he is usually brave. If you raise a Snownry, you can also help you look at the home.

    6, Bagu

    Bagu dogs, origin in China, are charming and elegant. They are lovely small dog species and love clean. They are very strong and generally do not picky eaters. They are very greedy. Because the body is strong, it is not easy to get sick, but don't always give it meat. Secondly, Bago's personality is also good, very sticky, and he is also very funny. He is a very funny and humorous dog.

    7, Corgi Dog

    Corki is the short legs we usually say. Short legs and ass are the two biggest features of Corgi dogs.

    The baby Corgi is very well -behaved, and round eyes can speak. The owner can start with her eyes, touch her head gently, look at her eyes gently, and speak softly to her. If she doesn't look at your eyes, you can gently hold her head with her hands so that she can gradually communicate with your eyes. This is easy to train in the future.

    8, butterfly dog ​​

    The butterfly dog ​​looks small and weak, but it has strong adaptability. The butterfly dog ​​is very gentle and kind, and it is very easy to get close to the owner. In the eyes of the owner, the butterfly dog ​​is a very gentle and intelligent pet dog.

    The character of a butterfly dog ​​is far stronger than its appearance. This pet dog has a strong ability to adapt, likes to play outdoors, and likes to play with the owner.

    9, Beijing dog

    The Beijing dog is a well -balanced, tight structure, the front body is heavy and the back is light. He originated in China, has a personality, and has a strong expression. Its image resembles a lion. His courage, boldness, and self -esteem are better, elegant or delicate.

    10, Shi Shi dog

    Thezho is a variety after the Tibetan dog mixed with Beijing dogs and Lhasa dog blood. The shape is similar to the lion, and the temperament is cheerful and happy, and trusts the friendship of everyone.

    This dogs are smart, loyal and friendly, and vibrant. Although it is not particularly easy to train, as long as it is patient and confident, it will become quite obedient. Of course, it is full of curiosity about things, and sometimes a little reckless, so if the children in the family are relatively small, then don't let them be together alone.

    It do not know what dogs are good at home? The top ten big and small dogs are cute and gentle, look at it! Which little cute do you like best? Share your thoughts!

  2. For people living in suite and apartments, small dogs are more suitable for breeding than large dogs. Because they are small and easy to place, even in the room are enough for their exercise, it is convenient to take a bath.

    So what kind of small dogs are more suitable for breeding? Of course, it is necessary to appreciate small, less hair removal, clever and easy -to -law, meek and not screaming, and less health is very important! The following editors recommend the top 10 dogs!

    no.1 Teddy

    The teddy spiked the small dogs in the first path, of course not because of it ... you know. It is because it is not only cute, but also has the advantages of all good breeding. Smart, not screaming, and not much hair removal, so don't worry too much about hair allergies. Teddy has a lot of hair color, you can choose according to your preferences.

    NO.2 Shih Shi Dog

    Stitazhi and Teddy, the smart, understanding ability is high, and it is good for breeding. Its communication ability is also very high, cheerful and gentle, and can get along well with the elderly and children. It is not often called. The amount of walking is smaller than other small dogs, so you don't need to spend a lot of time to take it. However, the hair of Xi Shi dogs is long, and it should be combed often.

    no.3 Cavaliers Charlie King Xiao Hunting Dog

    The little knight is a gentle and can become a good friend with anyone. No matter what kind of bad realm can adapt quickly, it is an ideal family dog. The hair is beautiful and moving, especially the natural wavy hair on the ears, making it look more elegant. Even those who are first raised can easily tame it.

    NO.4 Yorkshine

    York's long and beautiful hair is particularly attractive. Smart, lively and adventurous, not easy to remove hair, and the amount of exercise is relatively small. It can also be used as a guard dog, so it is popular. It is only because it is very strong to teach them to keep discipline. Then in order to maintain a beautiful appearance, please brush them every day.

    NO.5 Malzis dog

    The Malzis dog's hair is as white as snow, smart and obedient, and likes to coquettish with the owner. The attitude among all puppies is the most gentle. Her good character is loved by many people, affectionate and lively, elegant and affectionate, and is particularly friendly to children. You can rest assured to let it play with children.

    NO.6 Butterfly Dog

    The most special thing about butterfly dogs is his pair of great big ears and petite and exquisite figures, so it has received a lot of beauty Ladies' love. Smart and lively, sensitive and cheerful, obey the owner, never barking. It is a valuable and elegant partner dog and playing dog.

    NO.7 Mini Salmonic Dog

    The most noticeable point of mini -sausage dogs is that he shakes when he walks. But not proud. Treating the owner is more loyal and easy to train, and is a natural partner dog. Also often make funny moves, which can bring a lot of happiness!

    no.8 French bullfighting dog

    The is a loved dog with a loving dog. It can get along well with people and dogs outside the family. With a body -like body, short hair does not need to take too much energy to take care of. It's just a strong appetite. It is a veritable food. You must control your diet and pay attention to appropriate exercise, otherwise it will become a French pig.

    NO.9 Absalle

    wrinkles and unique nasal shapes on the forehead make the roh is particularly noticeable. They have a mild personality, lively and active, and are very similar to Far Dou. The difference is that the ears of the Aibagine are drooping. Although the short hair on the body is good, but because of the more wrinkles on the forehead, you should wipe it well.

    NO.10 Chihuahua

    The first time when you talk about small -scale playing dogs, the first moment should be Chihua Dolls. Take it out to play. Chihuahua can stay at home every day, and it is very suitable to be raised by people living in the apartment. Although this dog is small, it is not timid and very brave.

  3. It is recommended to read more books related to dogs and understand the habits. If you do n’t know, none of them are easy to raise.

  4. u003CSTRONG Teddy, Schsthend, etc.
    The Teddy who is not afraid of all over the world kills the first small dogs in various small dogs, of course not because of its high IQ. It is because it is not only cute, but also has the advantages of all good breeding. Smart, not screaming, and not very hair removal, so don't worry too much about hair allergies. Like Test Dogs, like Teddy, is smart, understands, and raises well. Its communication ability is also very high, cheerful and gentle, and can get along well with the elderly and children. It is not often called. The amount of walking is smaller than other small dogs, so you don't need to spend a lot of time to take it. However, the hair of Xi Shi dogs is long, and it should be combed often.
    For large dogs, the amount of hair loss of small dogs is also very small. It is usually very convenient to take care of it, so now urban people prefer raising small dogs.

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