How to write a pet purchase agreement

I want to buy a dog, but I do n’t want to be as ignorant of the last time. After buying, the seller will shirk the responsibility.
. I want to know how to write the pet purchase agreement. And how to take effect. Thank you

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  1. Let me show you my agreement. Every detail is available. If you call your mobile phone, the format may not be good, depending on the content. As follows: Dog Buy Agreement A: Seller's name. Party B: The name of the buyer. Content: Party B purchases a poodle (white male dog) at Party A, and the price is one thousand land Baiyuan (including three stitches and four couplet vaccines). If the small condition of the canine plague occurs within ten days after buying a dog, Party A is responsible for returning or treatment. During the period, if the phenomenon of artificial, environmental or force majeure occurs, the dogs are ill, and Party A will not bear any responsibility. (Another attachment, a small dog plague is a group infectious disease, that is, a disease is a disease. If the dog purchased by Party B, when the disease occurs, it is also true that the same disease in the house of Party A or the recent sale of the same nest can also be determined by this disease. For the conditions for Party A, it will be deemed to be the responsibility of Party B). This agreement will be in two copies, and both parts and B will hold one. Party A signature: XX Party B Signing: XX 2012 X Month X Day, as long as this is fine, the mobile phone is hit, I hope it will be helpful to you.

  2. Pet dog sales contract format and main points:
    . indicate buying and selling A, B,
    , the content of the buying and selling of both parties (what pets)
    . indicate the birth time, vaccine condition r r r r r r r r
    . The agreement is consistent with the total price, determining the belonging
    . The agreed rights, the right to commitment, and the obligations.
    6. Agreement: time, place, third -party certification person, representative signature

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