1 thought on “Why are there so many stray dogs?”

  1. 01 Pet dogs are lost. More and more people like to raise dogs, but dogs are also easy to lose. If the owner takes a dog to play outdoors and encounters some bad parties, it is also easy to be hacked, and sometimes it will lose with the owner. At this time, the pet dog became a stray dog.
    02 Many people have no ability to raise dogs. Some people raised dogs, but they did not have time to take dog contraceptive measures, so they gave birth to a lot of puppies. At this time, the owner was unable to raise it. If no one wants to raise a dog, the owner will abandon the dog. This is also a wandering wandering. A big reason for dogs.
    03 Stray dog ​​recycled puppy. Many stray dogs on the street have no pregnancy measures, and it is easy to mate with other wild dogs. At this time, the puppies born naturally have naturally become stray dogs. Make stray dogs more and more.
    04 Dogs have diseases. If your own dogs have a serious illness and the owner has no intention to help him treat it, then the dog will be abandoned. At this time, the number of stray dogs will become more. And there are many dogs abandoned because of dogs sick every year. Therefore, friends who have dogs with dogs should pay more attention to the health of the dog.
    Special prompts The above is a personal point of view, and the picture comes from the Internet.

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