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  1. The dog's feed is mainly animal feed, including beef, mutton, poultry, birds and rats, as well as fresh viscera and fresh fish of various animals. Plant feed is mainly vegetables of various grains. Grain has corn noodles. Barley residue, beancake noodles, sorghum noodles, bran, etc.
    [Feed production]
    1. Nutrition should be comprehensive
    The variety of feed, meet the needs of protein, fat and carbohydrates, and properly supplement vitamins and inorganic salts to meet the nutritional needs of dogs to meet the needs of dog nutritional needs , Prevent anorexia.
    2, compliance with digestion
    The dogs have a strong ability to digest and absorb protein, fat, and have poor use of crude fiber. Therefore, the content of various nutrients in the diet should be higher than the nutritional needs of the dog.
    3. Machined processing
    In increased feed palatability and improve digestion. The feed should be fresh, hygienic, and easy to digest, and it is strictly forbidden to deteriorate. Raw meat or internal organs should be washed through water, chopped and cooked, and then mixed with fresh vegetables, boil into meat soup in a short time, mixed with rice porridge, add a small amount of salt, fish bone meal, yeast, cod liver oil,, fish liver oil,,, cod liver oil, Vitamin, etc.

  2. There are four major taboos of dogs. First of all, the owner cannot often go out without a dog, and the dog's physical and mental health will have problems. Secondly, the owner cannot often feed dogs to eat snacks, and dogs will not eat dog food. Furthermore, the owner cannot feed the dog to eat low -inferior dog food, and dogs will be easy to get sick. Finally, the owner cannot ignore the hygiene of helping dogs cleaning teeth, foot pads, ears and other parts. Raising dogs mainly give dogs the following foods:
    1, grains of grains: bran, corn surface, potatoes, etc.
    2, dogs who eat chicken shelves for more than half a year, a small amount of pork, etc.
    3, puppy eat some chicken heart, chicken liver, etc.
    General dogs that are less than 3 months old are mainly eating dog food. The big dogs are two meals a day, and puppies eat less meals.

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