3 thoughts on “What does the puppy's paw look like?”

  1. 1. The puppy's footprints are like plum blossoms.
    2, puppy's footprints like snow boots.
    3, the puppy's footprints are like snowflakes.
    4, puppy's footprints.
    5, the puppy's footprints are like black clouds.
    The metaphorical sentence is an example. Based on Lenovo, grasping the similarities of different things, and using simple, specific, and vivid things instead of abstract and difficult things to understand. That is, the so -called "raising (he) is the Ming Dynasty."
    The composition of metaphor must have two components and two conditions. The two ingredients are: one is the object described, that is, the metaphorical thing is called "ontology" or "subject"; the other is a thing or a phenomenon used to compare, called "metaphor" or "object".
    The two conditions are: one is that the ontology and metaphor should be different things, with qualitative differences; the other is that there is a similar point between the two. Under normal circumstances, the body is relatively abstract and deep, and it is rusty for the actual object; while the metaphor is more specific and shallow, and is familiar with the communication object.
    Extension information:
    The shape of dog claws is different, the difference between dog breeds is so large. Common claws are rabbit -shaped claws, cat -shaped claws, and two are not common. One is in the one. There is a cricket between the toes, and the other has a large amount of soles between the toes and the foot pads.
    The cat -shaped paw arched like a cat's claw. The seal looks more cartoon. Each toe is round and the position is relatively compact. Representative dog breed: Sherryla Bradon pine dogs.
    The rabbit -shaped claws are longer and flatter than cat -shaped claws, and the two toes in the middle are obviously protruding forward, looking like the feet of rabbit from it. Representative dog breed: Syloti Gang Mao Hunting Fox Harm Samoya.
    The four paws of the dogs are not necessarily the same shape. This is very interesting. Some dogs are cat feet and their backs are rabbit feet. On the contrary, there are also.

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