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  1. When we buy Teddy dogs, of course, we want to choose a better teddy dog, but the excellent teddy dog ​​is not so easy to buy. It has many characteristics, including its shape, hair, and physical characteristics. The most common misunderstanding when the owners buy an excellent teddy dog ​​is the claws of the teddy dog. Because the claws are directly exposed to the ground, and they are in a relatively hidden place, the owners often ignore this place when they buy. Even if they are not ignored, the owners do not have a good understanding of the claws, so they often appear when they buy when buying. Many misunderstandings.
    Yes, look at the left and right, look at the feet of the teddy dog. That's because the bone structure of all teddy dogs is basically the same, and we have not carefully observed and compared. From the perspective of external features, they can see the difference. Some teddy dog's paws are round, arched, four toes hug, like cat paws, we call them cat -shaped claws. Some teddy dogs are slightly longer, and the two toes in the middle are protruding, like rabbit feet, called rabbit -shaped claws. Do you know, there are some teddy dogs. There are duck -like feet like ducks between the toes, which are very suitable for swimming, but we cannot call them duck -shaped feet, because their appearance is not like duck feet. In addition, some teddy dogs are large and thick, like wearing two pairs of snow boots, and a large amount of protective hair grows between the toes.
    Misunderstanding 2: The toes of all teddy dogs are the first five and four, and the wolf toes are degraded toes.
    If "all" to "most" can be established. Some pet dogs have wolf toes in the hind legs, which are generally caused by bad genes. They are indeed a degraded part, without great existence, and of course they can be removed. Removal wolf toe is generally performed within 10 days after the birth of the small teddy dog, which is a very simple surgery. The significance of this surgery is to avoid the pain caused by the accidental injury of the wolf toe and the excessive development of the wolf toe into the limbs, and there are some people's requirements for the beauty of Teddy dogs. The overall effect.
    It in the field of professional dogs, not all teddy dogs need to remove wolf toe, so there are "must be removed", "can be removed" and "must not be removed".
    Misunderstanding 3: Each Teddy dog ​​may have different claws, but the four claws of a teddy dog ​​should be the same.
    It looks the same, but the functions of the 4 legs are different, and it is inevitable. In dog breed standards, it is clearly stipulated that they are not the same. The front foot is large, and the rear foot is small:
    . When buying the price of an excellent teddy dog, these misunderstandings are the most taboo. Because these incorrect choices will directly affect the purchase of the owners, many Teddy dogs who want to buy excellent purebred breeds are because of these misunderstandings and problems when they buy. Therefore, in order to do not have any errors when buying, do not enter these misunderstandings, affect the judgment of the owners, and cause the purchase work to fail.

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