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  1. Chapter 10, Chapter 10 of the "Law of the People's Republic of China" chapter 10. The liability for breeding animal damage
    Article 78 Animals that cause damage to others, the animal breeder or manager shall bear the liability for infringement, but it can prove that the damage is caused The infringer may be caused by intentionally or major faults, and may not bear or reduce responsibility.
    The violation of management regulations and failure to take safety measures to cause others to damage others, animal breeders or managers shall bear the infringement liability.
    Itly 80 Dangerous animals such as fierce dogs that are prohibited from breeding cause damage to others, and animal breeders or managers shall bear infringement liability.
    Is that the animals in the zoo causes damage to others, the zoo shall bear the liability of infringement, but those who can prove that they do their duties without responsibility.
    The animal that abandoned and escaped during abandonment and escape caused damage to others during the abandonment, and the primary animal breeder or manager shall bear the liability for infringement.
    The Article 83 Due to the fault of a third party that causes animals to cause others to damage others, the infringer can ask the animal breeder or manager to ask for compensation or the third party request compensation. After the animal breeder or manager compensates, he has the right to recover from the third party.
    It 84 The breeding animals shall abide by the law, respect the social morality, and shall not disrupt the lives of others.
    Pucting information
    This dog pay attention

    1, walking dogs tie the root rope. Most of the elderly in the communities I live, and there are not a few who raising dogs. Walking the dog in the early morning and evening, the neighbors greeted each other when they met, and the dogs called each other twice to enhance their feelings. rn可仔细一看,许多狗主人遛狗时不牵绳,特别是有的老年人,背着手在前边散步,狗在后面小碎步跟着,时左时右,看似温馨,却令People are shocked. There are many people on the road, and the dogs are easily hit by the car. The dogs who do not hold the rope may still be out of control, biting pedestrians and other dogs. So when walking the dog, don't forget to put on the traction rope to ensure that the dog has always been in his own sight.
    2, reduce noise. "It's not that I don't let it cry, it will not bark." This is a general helplessness of the dog breeding family. The same is true of my puppy. At home, "politeness" at home, it was a raw and wrong when they went out. Training dogs does not scream, and the award -winning penalties are paid. When outsiders appear, they will give some rewards. If they are not stopped, they will be punished in time before the dog can calm down.
    3, handle the excrement. Pet dogs are always "buried" everywhere in communities, parks, sidewalks, pits, and grass. It is the summer season that no one wants to "encounters unexpectedly" with shit and dog urine, not to mention breeding bacteria and mosquitoes. Usually at home, I will train dogs to excrete fixed points. When walking out of the dog, you must bring a feces bag; if you love clean, you can even bring bottle water with you, and timely brush the traces of shit and dog urine to the road.
    The reference information Source Baidu Encyclopedia-The Infringement Law of the People's Republic of China

    The reference information source People's Daily-Raiders said: These things must be done

  2. 1. Dogs belong to the owner's property. The seizure, confiscation, and destruction of the property must have legal procedures. Even if the procedures for pre -seizure are used, the legal procedures must be supplemented to the parties.
    2. Sealing is a compulsory measure, not the final disposal result. During the mandatory measures, the confiscated unit must ensure the integrity of the property.
    3. The confiscation of property must be approved by the county level and above public security organs. The police station does not have the right to approval.
    4. The staff of the dog team hires personnel.
    5. The treatment of the dog must be issued to the dog owner beforehand the relevant documents of the dog owner beforehand, but the dog owner is not processed according to the requirements. Please use the law to maintain your rights

    If when you encounter a dog team, you will come to make trouble and provide some countermeasures for friends who have raised dogs for reference.
    1. If your big dog has no bad records, there is nothing to do with each other in the community, you don't have to panic, not that you do not have the registration procedures, but they are lazy and do not want to do it;

    2. The small law of dog breeding in the area cannot challenge the fundamental Dafa of the National Constitution. Article 39 of the Constitution stipulates: "The houses of citizens of the People's Republic of China are not violated and illegally searched or illegally invaded the citizen's house." If the dog team comes, let them talk to you outside the door. R n
    3. Article 51 of the Constitution shows that without harming the legal freedom and rights of the country, society, collective interests and other citizens, citizens can "exercise freedom and rights", and you have raised dogs. No one can provoke who to mess with, that is your freedom and rights;

    4. If the dog team is rough, you can ask the public security department to sign a responsibility letter to ensure your family's life and property, if you If they can't do it, they invite them to go back. The public security today is not satisfactory, no one can deprive your right to self -defense and self -rescue;

    5. If they insist on taking the dog away, you can clearly refuse and let them take the court's subpoena to get the subpoena of the court. In this way, you and the dog baby goes to the court to reason and strive to get greater solidarity.

    I consultation at the letters and visits office of the Municipal Public Security Bureau: If we have poor security conditions there, there have been five murders in a few years, some have not been broken so far, and several motor vehicles have been stolen recently. I feel like Life and property are threatened. Choose a big dog to see the home nursing home. You dare not sign a security guarantee for the security guarantee with me. Can you use local small laws to challenge the fundamental Dafa of the National Constitution? Does your public security have the right to forcibly take the dog away?
    The police officer could not answer my question positively, but just said he wanted the people to cooperate. I asked, so why don't the government cooperate with the people? We want you to talk about why you can't tell the basis of the scientific theory and practice of these 41 kinds of dogs and more than 35 cm tall. If you can't tell, then there is no basis for cooperation.
    The people's heart, Taishan moved, as long as we adhere to the struggle, there is no scientific basis, and the naive, ridiculous, ignorant and mental regulations that cannot be explained to the public will be overturned, and the spring of dog breeders will definitely come. We need to fight against the weapons of law. The case of corruption is still not tried now. Is the court have this Yaxing? If there is a court debate, it is best, we can publicly expose the face of their pseudo -sciences and puppet gentlemen, and lead the formulation and implementation of public policies on the right track. This will also be our historical contribution.
    1. Dogs belong to the owner's property. The seizure, confiscation, and destruction of the property must have legal procedures. Even if the procedures for pre -seizure are used, the legal procedures must be supplemented to the parties.
    2. Sealing is a compulsory measure, not the final disposal result. During the mandatory measures, the confiscated unit must ensure the integrity of the property.
    3. The confiscation of property must be approved by the county level and above public security organs. The police station does not have the right to approval.
    4. The staff of the dog team hires personnel.
    5. The treatment of the dog must be issued to the dog owner beforehand the relevant documents of the dog owner beforehand, but the dog owner did not process it as required. It cannot be confiscated and destroyed.
    The attention is that the dog owner has the obligation to take the initiative to register in the public security organs, rather than the public security organs to come to you.
    In general, my country lacks relevant legal basis for the management of dogs and lacks humanized management. Of course, the quality of the dog owner should also be improved. Forgot the rights of others and their own obligations.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe answer has not yet legislation in the country, and many provisions involving dog breeding management are scattered in various laws and regulations. Such as the "Infringement Liability Law", "Public Security Management Punishment Law" and so on. From the local level, my country's current major and medium -sized cities have introduced the corresponding legal norms of dog breeding management. Each region has formulated regulations, regulations or standardized documents for dog breeding management in conjunction with local reality.nLaws and regulations involved in pets-Is there any law about pets? 2020-08-11 08:54:09 Is there any law about pets? "Animal Insurance of the People's Republic of China ***" (prohibited by animals) is prohibited from using the following animals for display, performance, sports competition, or other work: (1) female beasts during pregnancy and lactation, hatching eggs, incubation Birds in the period and brooding period, climbing and amphibians of the spawning period; (2) animals that are ill or injured in the body, and the spiritual sluggish animals. Article 107 (prohibition of animals ***): (1) Forbidden use of violent means of animal damage such as kicking, whipping, or *** drives animal performances or competitions. (2) Forbidden to shock animals, except that animals may cause emergency hazards to public safety. (3) It is forbidden to work or perform in the way of fasting, water forbidden, etc., and prohibit the forced animal to surpass its natural capabilities. (4) It is forbidden to drive animals to perform performance items that may harm animals. (5) It is forbidden to tease the mutual killing and harm between animals for watching or operation. (6) It is forbidden for the purpose of watching or operation

  4. At present, my country does not set up relevant laws specifically for dogs. But about the overall law of animals.
    The strictest dog legislation should be Germany. In Germany, breeding dogs is a mess of money, and raising dogs is a super -expense errand. There are many types of taxes and types of fees.
    In Germany, all dogs of all breeding institutions must establish identity information (similar to ID cards, strict ones), and home -raising pets also have identity information; legislation prohibits dogs in close relatives from breeding, non -non -breed breeding, and offenders are fined. Or the right of dog breeding, it is said that the highest is not allowed to raise dogs for life.
    Nessing legislative requirements: One bitch can only have three babies at most in their lives, and only allowed to breed centers for breeding. Ordinary families are not allowed. The violation of the cottage will be revoked and punished high. This is worthy of one product: one is to prohibit the breeding of different varieties, and the other is to breed only the dog house and the authoritative department. Therefore, there are very few "dog hybrids" in Germany. If there are various "accidents".
    In in Germany, if you lose your dog, the relevant departments will find you according to the chip information of the dog's body. You can rest assured that the Germans do not eat dogs, so the dogs can basically find the dog's electronic chip. Come back, but you need to pay a fine of 30,000 euros and be listed as the object of inspection because of negligence ... 30,000 Euros, according to today's exchange rate, equivalent to about 228,000 yuan. If this one is implemented in China, there are many families. Crying.
    The must not hurt, abandon or steal the dog in Germany, and you may be sentenced if you have serious circumstances.
    So there is a public welfare advertisement in Germany:
    In Germany, there are 80,000,000 (8 million) dogs, but none of them are wandering.
    It's public welfare publicity advertisements can be imagined. How comprehensive policies and regulations on pet dogs are in Germany have mentioned the national image level.

    It, Germany prohibits ordinary people from doing living dog transactions. To raise dogs, they can only go to the breeding center to buy or adopt the shelter. However, the price of dogs in the breeding center is very expensive.
    , not anyone who wants to raise dogs in Germany can be raised. Raising dogs must not spend some money to buy one. First of all, you must get the qualifications of dog breeding. Then, you have to provide evidence that you can love dogs and understand dogs, and sometimes you have to provide your dog breeding experience proven (this one is a pit, if it is the first time to raise a dog ...). Finally, you must also check the economic ability to ensure that you have enough money to raise dogs, and make sure that the dog can live a happy life with you. And if you want to raise a large dog or a specific species, you will also go through other censorship.
    In Germany, raising dogs is to pay "compulsory insurance", similar to my country's car forced insurance. When the dog "commit", the two parties do not need to argue and make trouble, and directly pay the insurance company to claim.
    In Germany, dog breeding needs to pay a lot of projects to the society and government departments. If you secretly do not pay, the maximum fine is 10,000 (euro). The amount of fines can buy a car in China.
    In Germany, dogs that are listed as "fierce dogs" varieties of the government need to meet many very strict conditions. If you violate one of them to raise a fierce dog or train a fierce dog, fine 50,000 euros, and transfer within a time limit. Even if you meet the conditions of many such dogs, there are many regulations to bring out the door, and you have to bring a lot of documents and qualifications of this dog with you, violating one of them, fined 50,000 euros. 50,000 euros, 50,000 euros, a few of them were punished without a pairing house.
    It, in terms of going out of the dog, Germany stipulates that in open places in the open -air, dog owners must use ropes that are not longer than two meters to hold dogs; in public places in the room, dog ropes cannot be longer than 1 meter. It is strictly forbidden to enter the children's playground, casual lawn, swimming pool and other places that indicate "dogs must not enter". If the dogs are inaccessible in public places, they will be fined 10,000 euros.
    did you dare not walk the dog after hearing it? But in Germany, not walking dogs is also "illegal". Germany clearly stipulates that the dog owner needs to take a certain time to accompany the dog. For example, the owner has to walk the dog 3 times a day, not less than 1 hour each time, (3 hours of walking the dog every day, who has so much time in China ...) The protection organization finds that or someone reports that you are not sufficient to walk the dog. Once you sit in solid, you will not only force you to walk the dog, but also be fined ...
    , if you see the dog raised in Germany, hurry up and hug your thighs, Because this person not only has money, but also has sufficient leisure time!

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