The stomach and stomach of the Shape dog are not very good. What should I pay attention to in diet?

5 thoughts on “The stomach and stomach of the Shape dog are not very good. What should I pay attention to in diet?”

  1. For dogs with poor stomachs, then we need to pay more attention to more, and we need to take care of it. It is not only to solve it in a single aspect, but to solve this problem from multiple aspects.
    First, we must feed the dogs a little more vegetables and fruits to help them consume more dietary fiber and help digestion. Vegetables and fruits can increase the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines, so for the dog's stomach is not good, you can add some vegetables and fruits appropriately. For example, like this banana and apples or Sydney, these fruits can be eaten for dogs, especially bananas can play a role in moisturizing the intestines. For dogs and stomachs, they can add bananas appropriately. Apple and Sydney contain a lot of moisture. They can give dogs more appropriately, which can increase a certain amount of water, and naturally can effectively solve the problem of poor stomach.
    The second, add some probiotics to me properly. Digestive and poor stomach and stomach can buy a pet hospital to buy a probiotic to supplement. If you are far away from the pet shop, you can go to the pharmacy to buy some probiotics back, stir dog food, and eat it for dogs together. Probiotics can effectively regulate a bacteria in the dog's stomach, which can increase this beneficial bacteria and increase this digestive ability.
    Third, when choosing dog food, you should choose those dog food that is easy to absorb and digest. Some dog food has high protein content and high calories, so these can easily lead to indigestion and even affect the dog's stomach. Therefore, when we choose dog food, we must choose some dog food that is easy to digest and absorb. It is not easy to cause the dog's stomach to be bad.
    Fourth, let the dog exercise more. Whether it is human animals, it is necessary to perform appropriate exercise, which can effectively increase resistance and immunity, and can also increase gastrointestinal motility. Exercise is also great.

  2. If the dog's stomach is not very good, you must pay attention to the following aspects when you eat. The first is not to eat things that are difficult to digest. If you eat things that are difficult to digest, it will make his stomach worse. If possible, you can buy some dogs for dogs for him to eat, so that his stomach will become better. Try to choose those small particles of dog food for dog food, which helps him digestion.
    . Do not eat things that are difficult to digest
    The digestion of each food is different. Some foods will be very difficult to digest, just like we humans eat enoki mushrooms. The dog's stomach is not good, then its digestive ability itself is poor. If you eat those things that are difficult to digest, it will cause the situation to further deteriorate, or it will not absorb nutrients. Try not to give him chicken bones and the like in life, these are more difficult to digest.
    . Eat more probiotics
    Dogs also have dogs dedicated to dogs. You can buy some probiotics for him to eat. After the dog eats probiotics, he will have a function that stimulates the intestinal digestion, so that his gastrointestinal absorption can be better. But probiotics cannot be eaten every day, and it is almost once or twice a week.
    . Small granular dog food
    This dog food should also be chosen as much as possible. Because of small particles, it is easier to digest than large particles. If you see that after he pulls out, the dog food has not been completely digested, then you can also consider soaking milk with dog food or adding some water for him.

    Meremate, remember to like follow forward.

  3. To eat something that is easy to digest, do not eat some human foods, eat some meat properly, eat some nutritious cream, and eat some vegetables, so that the dog's stomach will be well protected.

  4. Try to eat more milk for this dog, and you should also eat more meat. Of course, you must pay attention to its digestive system. You should also give it some probiotics.

  5. What needs to be noticed in diet is that you ca n’t eat too much at one time when eating, and you also need to pay attention to eating some dog food that is easier to digest. You should also pay attention to a small amount.

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