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  1. Moisture should ensure sufficient food and clean water.
    This is essential for pets. It is recommended to choose milk cake grains or special puppies in food, because the nutrients they are rich are far greater than normal dog food, which is more conducive to the growth of puppy body growth development. In addition, they can also add some nutrients, such as nutritional cream, snacks, goat milk powder, etc. The way to feed can choose a small amount of meals, and when it grows up, you can choose 2 to 3 meals a day.
    It also requires some dog daily utensils, such as: cages, bowls, cushions, toys, etc. In daily feeding, special attention should be paid to preventing them from bite things or eating foreign matter, because puppies are usually naughty. The most important thing is to vaccinate vaccines and deworming, which can greatly reduce the probability of dogs' illness and reduce a lot of trouble.
    The dog belongs to the ridge animal doors, vertebrates asian, mammalian, real beast subclase, carnivorous eyes, cracked feet, and dogs. Chinese is also known as "dogs". Dogs are carnivorous and are distributed around the world. Dogs and horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, and chickens are called "six beasts".
    Coster believes that dogs are domesticated from early humans from the Gray Wolf. The domestication time is 40,000 years ago to 15,000 years ago. Known as "the most loyal friend of human beings", it is now the most breeding pet. Its life span is more than ten years.
    In Chinese culture, dogs are one of the zodiac signs and ranked 11th among the zodiac signs.

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