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  1. Hello, you can refer to the following comments and choose the one that suits you.
    Every time Teacher Wei came to pick up the baby, it was very happy to go to the car, indicating that it liked the uncle, aunt, environment and friends here. Hey, very reassuring school ~
    A popular SUV, luxury car picking up dogs ~
    long -term foster care
    Baby spent a pleasant Spring Festival on the mountain! Intersection Da Da Dada took care of the dog very carefully. Because the baby is timid and unwilling to go to the lawn, Da Da will hold the dog to the lawn to bask in the sun! Intersection Intersection When Da Mom took a bath to the baby, he carefully discovered the problem of the baby's tail! Intersection Baby is more picky, and Da Mom also feeds her with various tricks! Intersection Dogs are really happy! Intersection Intersection Give the dog to such a responsible Dama Da Da, and there is a magical horse! Intersection Intersection (The picture is the partner on the mountain when the dog goes home.)
    It is the best for dogs to play with fun
    The foster care many times, and it is introduced to many friends. In the future Fostering, good place
    The good can be seen before the video came back. I was given a bathing dog and did not come back as manic as the original foster care
    This one, 3 years, good!

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