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  1. Adult golden retriever feeding and precautions:
    1. Pay attention to preventing CHD
    CHD is a common disease of many large dogs. It occurs mostly on the hip joint. Pain may cause inconvenience or even paralysis when severe.
    2. Be sure to ensure the exercise
    The golden retriever requires a lot of exercise every day, so as to make the bones develop healthier, so if you want to raise a golden retriever, you must accompany it every day to accompany it every day Preparation of bending.
    3, diet nutritional balance
    It feed dog food as much as possible when raising golden retriever, because nutritional equilibrium does not need to worry about the lack of trace elements, but in life, you can eat a small amount of vegetables and fruits that can be eaten by golden retriever dogs in life. Essence
    Extension information:
    The feeding precautions during the growth of golden retriever:

    1, golden retriever puppies do not require too much exercise, especially when the weather is hot. The best sport of puppies is to let it run freely on the grass.
    2, golden retriever puppies four and a half months ago, do not let it go up and down the stairs by themselves, hold it.
    3. Do not let golden retriever puppies play with other dogs rudely. Golden retriever puppies are easily injured.
    4. If your golden retriever puppies are too fat, do not increase its exercise. First reduce the amount of feeding until the weight is returning to normal, and then slowly increase the amount of exercise and the amount of food until the two reaches the balance.
    5, Golden Retriever's twenty -one months old is a dog. Remember it is a hunting dog, to be appropriate outdoor sports, as well as appropriate food and care.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Golden Retriever Dog

  2. Feed the golden retriever!
    First of all, you specify the place where it sleeps. You must put a cushion. Even if it is hot, you must prepare it for it. When sleeping, it will get up in the middle of the night and think of your bedroom. It is absolutely not allowed. When you get up in the middle of the night, you have to accompany it, tell it to tell it to sleep, let it lightly, let it trust you.
    The golden retriever will be nn in the middle of the night. It doesn't matter. You get up in the middle of the night to make it nn, and you will not get up afterwards. Can't eat hard dog food, soak it with boiling water, 3 times a day, take the pot away if you don't eat it. Don't put it on the ground and make it easy for dogs to eat casually. This is not good for its teeth. Forgive Baikai, it can reduce the opportunity of bowel bugs. Do not drink milk!
    The most important thing is to break the food for one day, and eat the cooked cabbage to help the gastrointestinal recovery function. Food affects the golden hair intestine. You can also roll out the hair that you usually eat and clean the intestinal tract thoroughly so that your golden retriever will have a good stomach.
    If you accompany you more, you have to control its teeth. Do not eat snacks, especially soft, which will make its teeth too early, which will affect the life of your golden retriever! Eat dog food, slowly decrease to twice a day 3 times a day to ensure the amount of water drinking. Small golden retriever uses a kettle to make it develop the habit of looking up. Too high.
    4 months can be cooked in dog food to cooked yellow radish, chopped sweet potatoes in it, and you can add a small amount of meat for 5 months. Try not to eat pork. Do not add salt. The golden retriever does not need salt.
    From the beginning, you can put it in the rice with calcium tablets, and you can add seaweed powder. You can also add composite vitamin tablets. It is recommended not to eat beauty powder. Elimable last milk tofu is the most calcium supplement.
    Cope every day is your must. , Pull out the ear hair, drip ear oil after taking a bath, drip nose oil when the nose is dripped.
    The or whether there are BBs on it on it. Wash it with water and repair the nails regularly. Pay attention to whether the nose is dry. In addition to waking up the golden retriever's nose should be wet and healthy.

    Warm reminder!
    The habits are developed from childhood, and some places are not allowed to go. You have to tell it to go out! Always like this, it will not go in the future; for example, the bedroom ~~~~
    The small golden retriever is very sticky. I always hope you pay attention to it. I always want to play with you. You have to play with it for a while. I only take out the toys when playing. Toys, I will find it by myself when they say that toys! Do not throw the toy on the ground. If it does n’t, it will want new toys soon, let it know that only toys can play, for the future, do n’t play your shoes in the future, do n’t play your shoes in the future Be ready with other things

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