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  1. 1. "Guide Dog Q": "Guide Dog Xiao Q" is adapted from the novel "Goodbye, Ke Lu" by Japanese writer Shihei Qianwu, directed by Korean director Cui Yangyi, Kobayashi Kaoru, Shirai Orange, Kagawa A plot movie starring Tiao Hyeaki and Kuruga Yoshika.
    The movie tells that after becoming a guide dog, the movie serves Mr. Watanabe, who is blind. After Watanabe's death, Xiao Q was carried out when he was a guide dog demonstration performance.
    2, "Human Dogs and Dogs": "Human Dogs and Dogs" was co -directed by Park Eunheng and Wu Dajun. Yu Chenghao, Jin Xiangqi and Ada performed together, telling the touching story of a pair of brothers and siblings and dogs. The film was released in South Korea on October 26, 2006.
    3, "Mali and Me": The movie "Mali and Me" is a comedy film directed by David Frankle, starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson. The film is adapted from the best -selling book "Mali and Me: and the Happy Life of the Figne Triple Dog in the World" by the newspaper columnist John Jerogan.
    The film tells that the Jerugan couple just got married, and their careers were successful and lived in a new house in Florida together. The couple originally planned to have a child, but they were afraid that they could not cope with them, so they planned to experience it in advance and start with the puppy first. The Labrador Dog Mali entered the story of their family.
    4, "Beluna's Tail": The film tells the blindness of the blind service center because the disease loses his vision. In order to start a new life, he overcome the nature of hate dogs and decided to live with guide dogs.
    But in front of Baruna, his determination began to shake. When the instructor asked the handle to reach into Beluna's mouth, he stretched in scared, and he was almost bitten. Beluna is a very resistant but excellent guide dog. In this way, the life of and Beluna began ...
    5, "Miao Dog Save Christmas": Movie Dogs Save Christmas tells a new pet from Bannister's family. A hero dog of the army, but from the perspective of the Bannister family, it doesn't seem enough to make a reliable watch dog. On Christmas Eve, after the Bannister family went out, two night thieves broke into the house. When Zeus showed his skills.
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  2. u003CGuide Dog Xiao Q> is about a life of a Labrador guide dog called Xiao Q. very touching.
    u003Cminus octa> (also known as Antarctica Adventure) A blockbuster shot in the United States. It is said that the eight sled dogs are very touching to the severe cold snow of the Antarctic!
    u003CDog Hearts> I see the most fierce movie about dogs. It is composed of several dogs. Although the plot is simple, the dog's cuteness and loyalty are all reflected! I have to watch!
    u003CHuman Dog Qi> Although I haven't seen it, many people say it is beautiful and touching. Suggest to see it too!

    In online movies about dogs, it is not guaranteed to be guaranteed if good or not:
    u003CLonglong and loyal dogs> u003CFire Dogs> The Story of the Eight Gong Dogs>
    u003CHeavenly Dogs> u003CAlien Dogs> u003CKung Fu Dogs>
    u003CGod Dogs is crazy> u003CMarriage Advertisement> u003CSnow Dog Brothers>
    u003CGoodbye! Stray Dog> u003CLonger Dog>

  3. "Guide Dog Q", "Year of the Dog", "Human Dogs", "A Dog's College Time", "Mary and Me", "Mary and Me 2", "Intern Dog Story", "I and the Dog of Dogs "The Story of Dogs and You", "Wonderful Dogs Save Christmas", "Help Dogs for Martial Arts", "Hearts" are all cheer.

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