My puppy, the hair loss is particularly powerful, a large number of drops, what's going on! Intersection Intersection Intersection

3 thoughts on “My puppy, the hair loss is particularly powerful, a large number of drops, what's going on! Intersection Intersection Intersection”

  1. 1. Seasonal hair loss: Most pets have hair removal in spring and autumn. The amount of hair needed in summer does not need to be so much, so it takes off some old hair when the weather is warmed to regulate the body temperature. In the winter, the thick hair will be removed and the fluff is replaced to the cold winter. These are normal phenomena. As long as you combine the dogs every day and clean up the dander every day, you can prevent the fur of the house.
    2. If pets have a bing of folliculitis or eczema, or a large number of dog lice and fleas are parasitic, it will also cause a lot of hair removal.
    The dogs will grab the fur with claws and teeth because of the itch, and they will also grab a lot of dog hair. At this time, it is best to find the reason first, and consult the doctor or experienced people.
    3. Human -cutting phenomenon caused by human reasons: Many families use adult soaps or shampoo and even use washing powder and detergents to take a bath for pets. Because the skin of the dog tends to be medium, and the adult's washing supplies are highly alkaline than the dog's skin, causing the pet's skin to dry and itching, so that mites, bacteria, and fungi have the opportunity to form the skin. Essence
    4. In addition, the bath is very destructive to the normal protective substances of the skin. Therefore, it is recommended that dogs should use pet special washing supplies. The number of baths should not be too diligent and should be controlled reasonably.
    5. Vitamins and minerals in the body.
    6. In addition, the natural environment such as sunlight and temperature will also affect the growth of pet hair. If the small pet cannot be exposed to the sun for a long time, it will be raised indoors for many years, which will also cause a slight hair removal throughout the year.
    7. There are some varieties of pets. Although it is a variety of short hair, it will be stroked by hand at any time. As long as it is slightly hard, it will be stained with one hand. This is unavoidable. Psychological preparations.

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