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  1. First of all, you need to exclude whether it is seasonal hair removal. Under normal circumstances, most dogs have the phenomenon of hair removal. For example, shepherd dogs, Simo dogs, Shi Shi dogs, chopsticks, Beijing dogs, etc. The amount of hair needed in summer does not need to be too much, so it takes off some old hair when the weather is warmed to regulate the body temperature. In the winter, the thick hair will be removed and the fluff is replaced to the cold winter. These are normal phenomena. As long as you combine the dogs every day during this time, the comb can be collected, and you can prevent the fur of the house!

    The cause and manifestation of hair removal

    1 Chili mite disease: caused by chigger mites or rescue mites. Chili mites mainly occur on the head (bridge of the nose, orbital, the auricle, and its roots), and sometimes occur on the front chest, under the abdomen, armpit, inside and tail side of the thigh, and even spread to the whole body. The surface of the skin is flushed, with rash somices, and the subcutaneous tissue is thickened. Curly mites mainly form a small hair removal spots around the eyes, and some can be extended to the whole body. The skin is thickened and scales, and some may develop into small pustules or purulent dermatitis.

    2 lice disease: Itchy and skin irritation caused by lice parasites, which leads to scratching, friction and bite. In particular, the parasitic of caterpital lice can cause a large amount of hair removal of the dog. A large amount of hair is found in places where dogs are frequently moved.

    3 Hookworm disease: The sick dog is thin, the conjunctiva is pale, and the hair is rampant and lustrous. Skin. Diseases have lost appetite, vomiting, differentiated, and alternative to constipation. The feces are blood or black, and there is a smell of smell.

    4 Pyrine: It is mainly a fungal disease caused by the dog's small spores and the genus of ringworm. The diseased course is longer, and a circular or irregular bald spot appears on the skin. It is covered with gray -white scales. It is more common with head, neck and limbs. In severe cases, it can be connected into one piece, which affects most of the body surface. Sometimes accompanied by dermatitis, pimples or pustules.

    5 estrogen secretion disorders: more common in adult sterilization of female dogs, manifestation of excess estrogen secretion, itching of dogs throughout the body, hair removal (generally hair removal is symmetrical), skin pigmentation. Some sick dogs are swollen and bleeding -like secretions are manifested as the symptoms of continuous estrus.

    6 Dog Black Elatima: The cause is currently unclear. Most of them think it is related to the disorders of hormone secretion in the dog. , Pigmentation, thickening of the skin as the main symptoms, at the same time, the skin has fat -like exudation, but there is no itching symptoms.

    7 Vitamin deficiency: Vitamin B deficiency can also cause hair removal. At the same time, it will also be accompanied by symptoms such as weight loss, anorexia, general weakness, vision loss or loss.

    Differential diagnosis

    It the above diseases, except for hair removal, have their own characteristic symptoms. Dogs with lice diseases are easy to find living lice and lice eggs from the root of the affected area; if the chigger mite disease can be found by a microscope from the dandruff at the junction of the affected area and the healthy skin; Obvious symptoms of gastrointestinal tract; most of the hair removal spots of pooled ringworm are round or irregular, and the surface is covered with gray scales. It can be found under the microscope. Estrogen disorders are often accompanied by obvious emotional symptoms, but they refuse to refuse Mating; while the dog's black epithelial disease has no symptoms unique to the above diseases, the dandruff in the affected area cannot be examined.

  2. The possibility of skin diseases is relatively high. The landlord has to see if the skin is abnormal, such as itching, dandruff, and redness. It is recommended to find veterinarians. After adding some lecithin to the dog food, the skin will restore long hair as soon as possible. Essence

  3. At present, dog skin diseases can be cured with Ming Ruining. Generally, fungi is stubborn and it takes January to February to cure. And need to be consolidated to prevent recurrence. Those with severe condition need to be injected, medicated, and oral medicine. How to prevent: In summer, pay special attention to the carpet, fabric sofa, towels, and mats in summer. These are places where it is easy or might be infected with mites. Pay attention to drying and disinfection. Try to go as little or not. The fungus is mainly infected with the source of the infection and humidity. Pay special attention to those who have athletes in their homes.
    The pet skin disease will also have a certain amount of infectiousness. It is recommended that the environment must be disinfected regularly. Pets can be used for disinfection solution for 1-2 times a week to effectively prevent infection.

  4. It's so bad !! Your baby has a skin disease ~~ It is also not good to take a bath too hard. One of the reasons for the skin disease is that bathing is too diligent!
    The take him to the hospital ~~ The doctor will tell you what to do What is done is generally applied ointment. If you are serious, you can add a few small needles.
    This can never take a bath during the treatment ~
    The normal dogs can be 2 times a month. In fact, if you don't love dirty dogs once a month or February 3 times a month, if you want to wash him, you can use dry powder to protect the skin ~ you can also protect the skin ~

  5. This hair removal,
    This you wash it more or not falling on the ground
    very annoying,
    and other new hairs will not fall after a period of time. Intersection

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