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  1. People will raise a lot of pets in their lives. The most common pets are dogs and cats, but there are many people who are raised by raising horses and chickens. And the prices of these pets are more expensive. The most expensive pet can reach more than 400 million yuan, which sounds scary.

    . Pure blood horse

    pure blood horses are the fastest horses running in the world. Its price is the highest in major pets, 400 million yuan Many rich people do not only like luxury cars, but also prefer good horses. This sweat -like BMW is much higher than the value of luxury cars.

    . Tibetan mastiff

    The price of Tibetan mastiffs is expensive and cheap. The price of pure blood veins can sell for 50 million yuan. This Tibetan mastiff name is called overlord, Two years old, weighing 170 pounds.

    . Metal chicken

    The price of metal chicken is 597 million yuan. This chicken belongs to Indonesia, and the whole body is black, just like It is wearing a black armor, and the meat inside, mouth, and internal organs are black.

    . The white lion

    The price of the white lion is 990,000. It is called a lion in Africa. The price of the white lion can be sold for 990,000 yuan, and the price of white lions grows higher.

    . Ashla cat

    The price of Ashla Cat is 610,000. This cat is still mixed. The height of this cat is relatively large. The height is one meter two, and the life span is relatively long, as long as twenty -five years.

    . 锹

    The selling price of martial arts is more than 580,000. Now many people like to raise insects. I have to say that they It is difficult to imagine that this kind of insect is strange, so the price is more expensive.

    . The grassland cat

    The price of the grassland cat is 13.2 million. A small cat family, this cat is also a hybrid variety of other cats and other cats.

    . The palm profel parrot

    The selling price of the palm cousin parrot is more than 100,000. And on the head of this parrot, there are red spots, which are more beautiful.

    . The wise macato

    The sales price of the Writing Zi macaws is about 90,000. This parrot is the largest parrot in the world, and it is also the largest. Flying parrot.

    . Samoyed

    Samoyed's selling price is 66,000. This dog is relatively mild, which is very suitable for home dogs. At that time, this dog was used as a sled.

  2. 1. Purple Blue Macaw

    The purple -blue macaw is the world's largest parrot in the world. The price is an average of $ 14,000 per $ 14,000, growing in eastern and central South America. It is the most expensive bird in the pet market and can live for 60 years. It is a cool thing to raise a purple -blue macaw, but it is just that it can only see many people.

    2. Savana Cat

    Savanna cats are also called tropical grassland cats. Leap to reach the top of the cabinet. It is a product of the intercourse of home cats and wild Bobcats, which makes it active and vividly different from ordinary cats. The price of each Savana cat is between $ 4,000 and $ 10,000, and its unique charm makes it one of the most expensive pets.

    3. German long -tailed monkey

    The German long -tailed monkey is one of the rare and most expensive animals. It has a bunch of white hair on its chin, like It looks old -fashioned, so he is also affectionately becoming a "doctoral monkey". Only the richest families can support this luxurious animal in their daily life. Because this monkey has only about 22 years, it is rare in the pet industry. Occasionally, it is impressive to see a price. The price is $ 10,000.

    4. Lavender whiteization python

    Lavender white python unit price is $ 40,000. The reason why there is such an amazing price is because of its unique color. The pale purple background has yellow patterns on it. The combination of these two colors is very unique. But lavender albate python is not common, that is, even if there is money, it may not be bought.

    5. The antlers and beetles

    The antlers and beetles are the most expensive insects in the world, each with an average price of $ 89,000! Its red curly jaw and the "antlers" that grow from its big black body. The characteristics of the antlers and beetles are a little scared.

    6. Essence The average price of purebred Tibetan mastiff is $ 582,000, and the price is up to 1.5 million US dollars. Tibetan mastiff is not only the best protection dog for nomadic peoples, but also recognized as the best guard dog of the king and the tribe head.

    7. White Holstan cows

    Them cows are common animals in Europe, Australia and the United States, but White Holstan cows from Canada are expensive. Betchustein cows are produced from the Molsan farm in Canada. The diet is appropriately controlled. Living in the climate control room, these cows are the most expensive in the world, the most expensive one reaches 1.9 million US dollars.

    8. Pure breed horses

    Pure breed horses usually appear in horse racing activities. They can receive thousands of dollars in the competition, which makes them become them The most profitable pet in the world. The selling price of many purebred horse racing reached one million. The most expensive in history was the horse racing sold for $ 40 million in 1983. In addition, the money won by its game has become the most successful breeding horse in the world.

  3. What animals are the most expensive pet lists in the world? I have to say that with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people have begun to pursue more mental needs. In the process, raising pets is a good choice, ...

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