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  1. Dogs can use toothpaste brush, but those who cannot use toothpastes must be used for dogs, otherwise they will hurt the dog's enamel.
    This toothpaste is sold online or pet shops. It only costs dozens of pieces, and more than 100 yuan is expensive.
    If you want to clean your teeth, you can bite your dogs, cooked bones or you can buy some clean teeth bones in the store.

    The brushing your dogs can be brushed with these toothbrushes:
    one is the most suitable for lazy people, that is, replace the index finger, use the index finger to dip the toothpaste, apply it on his teeth back and forth, follow the massage, follow the obey There are certain rules, using a healthy upper and lower inside like a person brushing your teeth. You cannot brush back and forth randomly. In principle, the index finger on the right hand is brushed to the left teeth of the dog, the left hand is brushed on the right, and the middle is brushed in the middle. Use one hand to hold his mouth, don't let him open, and then brush up and down the neat small teeth in front. The advantage is that the tooth bed can massage well, but the cleaning of the teeth is very small.
    It is the one that is made into a finger cover, which can be put on the fingers, but this is best to choose the hardness and sparseness of the brushing hair on it, and then look at your dog's teeth. In fact, in fact, in fact, Just like a toothbrush. The method is like the finger, and the advantage is that it can clean the teeth. It can also massage the tooth bed. The disadvantage is that the bristles are not enough to get professional.
    It is the toothbrush used by the standard dog. There are large, small, and a large toothbrush and one to a small toothbrush. Sofan than dogs. Generally, on both sides of the toothbrush of toothbrush, the small teeth in the front of the small head are of course the best advantage, but there are also small disadvantages, that is, the strength of the dog, the father, the mother, otherwise No cleaning or brushing out of the blood.
    The brushing your dogs as soon as possible. Don't give him a sense of tension, like ordinary calling him to eat snacks, and then give him the taste of the toothpaste on his hand. Essence

  2. If it is about a few months of a few months of minor puppy, it is better to develop the habit of brushing
    It to buy pet toothpaste toothbrushes
    generally better with a finger cover with a small soft brush on it
    can brush your teeth with your fingers first
    only a little with a toothbrush. nIt, it is best to use gauze or towels to scrub the teeth with index finger
    . Then a little bit of a finger toothbrush

    Don't bite it

  3. Do not use human, you should use dogs dedicated. In fact, it is recommended to use dedicated mouthwash for dogs. My two cubs are drinking. The effect is very good.

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