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  1. Generally, it is changed from four to six months, and there are also some more. Generally speaking, all the constant teeth are replaced in about five months.

  2. Generally, dogs start to grow teeth at 3 to 5 weeks. This is the growing teeth called deciduous teeth. When it grows to 3 to 6 months, it starts to change teeth. This is the growing teeth called permanent teeth. It's about three or four months, right?

  3. 1. Prepare for them in advance:
    Ilads to understand that the baby's baby still has a problem of teeth, and three months later, it is necessary to prevent the dog's particularly serious situation of biting things. Shoes, foot pads, etc. are easy to make it contact with good taste, so try to put it away. Although the furniture that cannot be stabbed can not be collected, it is necessary to stop it in time when you see the dog. If you can't control it, you can't control it. When there is no one at home, you can consider temporarily locked it in a relatively small space: a separate room with less furniture, or cage, as well as electric wires, power supply, detergent, etc. I have to think about ways to make it impossible, because the dogs during this period were bite, and I had a door to find that 4 pairs of shoes were bruised in one way. Alas, blame it It is useless, you can only blame yourself to underestimate the destructiveness of the dog's teeth.
    2. Provide more things to bite:
    Since it hides the things that cannot be bitten, you have to prepare something that can be bitten, dog bite, rubber toy, etc., any one, etc. There are many places to sell pet supplies and food. If you want to buy things like dogs that can be eaten, it is recommended to buy a larger size, which can make it long for a long time, and it is not easy to swallow it.

    3. Reduce the pain of the teeth:
    This will also hurt when the dog changes, so you can also find a way to help it relieve the pain of the teeth. I read that the dog can bite the ice cubes, but I personally think that if it is not in the summer, it is not appropriate for the puppies to make it clocking in this period, which is too easy to cause dilute. But freeze the wet towel, and then bite the dog for a good way. It can allow it to enjoy the cold and cold itching and pain, and not let it eat too much ice. You can try it.
    4. Pay attention to the growth of the new teeth:
    It when the dog changes the teeth, it is normal to find the fell to find. Don't worry about this. What you need to do is to observe the growth of new teeth every day. Sometimes the new teeth grow a lot, and the old teeth will not fall. If it takes a long time, it is easy to cause some problems with the position of the new teeth and the gums. If it has an old teeth, it does not fall. For good dogs, you can try to shake the old teeth with your hands at home to help it fall off. If you do n’t work, you just go to the doctor to help. It can be very convenient to pull down the teeth, and dozens of dollars are done.
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