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  1. What pets are not smelly or dirty
    What pets are not smelly or dirty. Many people like pets in our lives. Generally, we are common. Selection, breeding can also be selected according to your own. The following know what pets are not smelly or dirty.
    What pets are not smelly or dirty 1 I want to raise animals, no noise, no dirty, not smelly, you can choose to raise pet turtles, pet birds, pet fish, etc., they are almost not smelly, raising turtles and fish, only need Changing water and feeding regularly, the others basically do not need to be controlled, and the birds can be fed and cleaned on time.
    of course, there are some pets that are more suitable for playing, such as guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, hedgehogs, lizards, etc. Burn money.
    The small animals do not happen overnight. Looking at fun and cute, it is a responsibility and awe of life.

    The expansion information:
    This can be used to raise fish containers, and can also be used for pots. There are some stones inside so that the turtles can climb the stone to the sun. Do not need too deep water, but at least do not exceed the back of the turtle. In terms of feeding, small fish and small shrimp and turtle feed are all possible. When it rains, pick up two earthworms outside, and they will not like it! Really raised, don't care too much about water quality, and live well without breastfeeding for a month.
    hamsters. You only need to provide a safe nest, there is no difficulty. At that time, I still had hamsters in college dormitory. At that time, in order to save money, even the hamster cage was unwilling to buy, so I bought a large facial cleanser for raising. The wall of the pot is higher, and the hamsters cannot escape. The hamster nest is made of plastic bottle, and the pot is laid in the pot, which is the same. Mouse food can go to the supermarket to sell valves to match it. It is very cheap
    What pets are not smelly or dirty 2 1. Now pets are not very clean, but those who can take a bath will take a bath more. The training time is long.
    2. Since pets are raised, you must have a certain patience and sufficient like animals. In this way, you will like small animals from the heart, and you will have the urge to take care of them. Just like some girls prefer kittens, they think that kittens are very similar to girls' character, and they are all docile. Some boys prefer puppies, because puppies are characterized by very loyalty. So if you want to raise pets, you must first establish whether you really love animals, and be kind to animals.
    3. To choose a pet that suits your own conditions according to the actual situation, in addition to choosing your favorite animals, you also need to consider the actual situation of your family. Some families have a small living area, and they are not suitable for large pets. Like some small animals, they are also good choices, such as: kittens, rabbits, turtles, hamsters, etc. In addition, some animals are inherently unsuitable to live together, such as kittens and goldfish, kittens and puppies, but in some cases, they can also exist together.

    4. Let's talk about the diet of animals. There are many pets and toys on the market now, but many people have just begun to raise pets. They do n’t know how to know these, and do n’t know if pet food and toys are really needed. The suggestions I give you is that it is best not to use pet foods bought by supermarkets or stores. First of all, do not understand the main ingredients of the food. I do n’t know if it is beneficial to the pet's body. Difference. So for the sake of the pet's health, let's cook for your favorite pet.
    5. It should be noted that many people may only raise pets because of a moment of interest. I think that since they choose to raise pets, they must be responsible for pets, because for people, pets may just be just pets. Part of life, but for pets, you are the only pet.
    What pets are not smelly or dirty 3 I. Do not raise prohibited species and have aggressive dangerous species
    This Pets must be according to law and do not raise prohibited species. For the safety of individuals and others, it is recommended not to raise aggressive dangerous species.
    The current law has made a clear details on the breeding and artificial breeding species. Do not raise the prohibited species in the law and regulations, which is not only for the consideration of protecting species, but also a long -term plan for improving the human environment. Not to mention that the law of the law is not in the legal catalog, but some species that can be purchased from abroad, the destructiveness of foreign species to the environment should have a clear understanding of the perspective of a law -abiding citizen.
    The people show their own distinctiveness for their own personality. The breeding pets make others uneasy and even have a concern for security. Some people raise dangerous specialty, including poisonous snakes. It is recommended that in addition to the safety protection measures in the personal breeding process, don't let it go out to hurt others.
    . The related things to breeding pets must handle it yourself
    Since the pets are raised by pets, the pet -related certificates, listing, cleaning, hygiene, breeding, fertility, treatment, beauty and so on You must have your own determination and actions.
    The young people who raised pets or strong families at present, always starting to raise when raising pets, but after a few days of buying, freshness is behind them. Pets' hygiene, cleaning, insect removal, treatment and so on are all handed over to the disadvantaged side of the parents or the family, which makes the family unhappy. This triggers family contradictions and conflicts.
    Pets of single -breed pets make people unwilling to approach. The original beautiful cats can develop a lice, thick hair, dirty hair, and odor. That's really abuse of pets and yourself. As soon as this kind of pet came out, the people around me had to retreat to you.

    . Breeding pets must consider the feelings of others
    This pets must consider the feelings of others, not just their own habits and enjoyment.
    I once quarreled with the neighbors upstairs because of his dog. When the child came home, he was chased by his dog. Now the child is going to go around when he sees the dog. Also, when you take a book at home or need a quiet environment when you study at home, the sound of the dog and the sound of running upstairs are uncomfortable. In addition, their family goes out to walk dogs and do not tie dogs, and they never pick up the treatment, making many people in the community hate it.
    Fortunately, he moved away for a long time, or I guess I would definitely go upstairs to fight him.
    This pets must consider the feelings of others. Will pets harm others, will it affect the lives of others, whether it will affect the environment. And a female colleague who used to be, because I accidentally knew that the neighbors had raised a golden python, and scared to return to my parents' house that night, and then sold the house. She said that since she knew that she had raised a snake next door, she brought it. When people look at the house, they will unconsciously sweat downstairs and shake their calves.
    . The breeding pets must be determined according to their actual situation
    This pets must be determined according to their actual situation. After considering the cost, time, etc., make a decision. Do not raise it for a while.
    This pets are one thing that requires continuous cost investment. There are a few thousand pets at present, as many as thousands of or even higher, and later pet food, residence, disease, fertility, hair care, freezing equipment, cleaning and pet destruction, other costs and compensation, etc. Nothing involves money. This must be considered clearly.
    This pets must consider taking care of them by themselves. Pets also need to be accompanied. Do you have time to take it every day? What should I do when you go to work? Can I let Husky open a house at home? Putting a pet hospital every day seems to be your pet.

    . Do not abandon pets casually
    Is to raise pets, do not abandon them casually for various reasons and reasons.
    The people are very attentive when they start raising pets, and they are tired after a long time, because of economic, time, other people's opinions and other factors, and other factors will finally abandon their pets. Pets are also a kind of life, and dogs are just a few years of life. If you raise it, you are dependent on it. If you choose to raise, please treat them well.
    Pets after being abandoned casually, such as stray dogs, etc. can cause safety threats to people, and the whole body can cause the disease to be transmitted. destroy.
    Pets are a life that exists like people in nature. It is domesticated because of the needs of human emotions and walks into people's families and people's hearts. There is no problem with breeding pets, but breeding pets must consider comprehensiveness, take into account the feelings of other people around, and make breeding pets a pleasant thing rather than trouble. Let pets build a different biological interaction and emotional communication with your life, because life is equal.
    I willing to raise pets by the owner attentively, and those who are willing to raise pets can treat pets with love and kindness. May the public be tolerant and understanding those who raise pets and live peacefully.

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