1 thought on “Let's talk about the way to buy dogs on Taobao online in detail”

  1. 1. There are usually two options, airplanes and trains, not far from the distance. However, it is recommended that you buy local dogs, because long -distance transportation is not good for animals. After all, it is not only transported to your dog, but also other animals, which can easily make your puppy infection and even die during transportation. Furthermore, if you buy a dog locally, you can choose the intention to personally. 2. After buying it for a week, if you are in a fully healthy state, you can play a four -union of Intelway (the four couplets of Intelviowei (the four couplets of Intelviosi are the four couplets of Intelvios. Winning) or the Liulian Six of France, you ask the seller if you can help it to drive it, and if not, you need to repel. In the first year, the dog had to inject three -shot seedlings and one -shot rabies vaccine. One week before and after the vaccine is injected, it is best not to bathe dogs. 3. Dogs in pet shops are more expensive. If you find your own puppy, it is recommended to buy it. Because it is cheaper, you can also look at the puppy's parents. To determine the appearance of the puppy when they grow up. It is difficult to see that the impure puppy was a child, so it is best to look at parents 4. The time for raising puppies, more effort, it is best to raise them for more than three months, not so easy to get sick. If you buy a dog, there is a guarantee in appearance. You do n’t have to worry about whether the dog will become ugly in the future, but the dogs of more than eight months will recognize the master, and it may be cooked. If you are stringing, the adult dog will not be very large. My Bai Bomei is 5 catties 6, the adult dog is beautiful, the puppies are cute

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