2 thoughts on “There is a dog market in Texas”

  1. Location 1: The tomb of King Sulu goes to the west building. There is a vegetable market in the south of the intersection. You should have an impression. There is a dog selling dogs on that road, but it is not a dog market. It can only be said that there are a lot of animals! Intersection

    Plash 2: Dongqiao head of Texas Academy. It seems that there are two or three days a week in the dog market, and there are a lot of dogs. It should be a professional dog market, because my Bomei is bought there, Later, the identification was pure species, haha.

    place 3: The previous Song Guantun South Street entrance, I can't shout the specific location, but where is there a big dish market, which is very remote. There are no famous species. Dog market, but not a pet dog market!

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