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  1. After the cat has a stress reaction, vomiting, resisting to eating or hiding directly.
    If you find that the stress reaction is too serious, you should seek medical treatment in time. Do not think that the cat looks okay if it looks okay. Often, the disease that is invisible on the surface is more serious to the cat.
    In hiding, not eating or drinking, no germination, soft stool and so on. Cats should be excited and can be used to use Yici Sice beef ingots. This is used, and the injection is not afraid.
    For the same stimulus, each cat's response will be different, depending on whether the range of things accepted in the socialization period of about 2-9 weeks is wide. Big, vice versa.
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  2. . What does cat stress mean?
    The cat should stimulate the cat after being stimulated and frightened. Due to strong mental stress, a series of physiological reactions and psychological reactions occur.
    The psychological response after the stress: fear, sensitivity, restlessness, and very vigilant for the environment and people.
    The physiological reactions after cat stress: trembling, accelerated heartbeat, acceleration of breathing, vomiting, diluted, and high body temperature may occur. The phenomenon may cause spontaneous cystitis; if it does not eat for a long time, it will have a serious impact on the cat's liver.
    So in daily life, the shoveling officer needs to avoid cat stress as much as possible.

    . How to prevent cat stress?
    All animals may have a stress reaction, but the cat itself is more sensitive and timid, so the probability of stress will be relatively high, which is often related to the environment and people. First of all, in the process of adapting to the environment, the cats who go home will be more lonely and do not like activities. At this time, the shovel officer should not force the cat to do anything that it does not want to do, including cutting nails, bathing, etc. Try to play with cats, try to let it stay quietly in a comfortable environment, and slowly explore and adapt to your new home. After the cat is familiar with the new environment and new partners, it will naturally restore the spirit and vitality, becoming more to become increasingly more The more lively.
    Secondly, even a cat that has been raised for a long time, the owner should not scare it often for fun. Cats are a kind of wild survival animals that have not been completely domesticated. Sensitive, often frightening can lead to excessive mental stress of cats, and it is easy to have stress reactions.
    . Finally, if the cat goes back or moves a new home, there will be abnormal conditions such as sneezing, diarrhea, fever, and vomiting in time, and you must take it to the pet hospital for examination. When you go out, put the cat into the air box to reduce the cat. Stress.
    The above is the relevant popular science content about cat stress. More related knowledge points can be further understood by "What to do if the cat's stress response". If you have any other problems, you can consult an online pet doctor at any time.

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