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  1. Text/teasing cats for a while
    The more and more cats now, so many people want to change from cats to a real shit officer from the cat -sucking family. Because of the increase in demand for pet cats, the channels for buying cats have also started to increase. In the past, we bought cats, and the routes were relatively limited, and they were basically purchased in local pet shops. But now we have a lot of ways to buy cats. Just like my cat, it took thousands of kilometers to Harbin from the south. Regarding buying cats online, I will give you some suggestions here to avoid being cheated. Cats in the following situations are best not to buy, because it is likely to be deceived.
    : The circle of friends is all a variety of cat videos
    The people will ask, what is the video of the cats selling cats, what do you put on the cat's video? In fact, there is nothing to put on a cat, but from the video, we can see a lot of problems. If this seller's circle of friends, there is a variety of cats, and even in the circle of friends. As long as you have requirements, he can help you find it, you must be vigilant. Because of this situation, it is often a circle of friends and cat traffickers. What are cat agents and cat traffickers? Generally speaking, it is some middlemen, cats from incorrect channels, and then sold at low prices. These pet cats are cheaper, but health is not guaranteed at all.
    : High amount of deposit
    Because of the particularity of cats, catches are generally required to pay buyers to pay a certain premium. But the price of the budget is generally not too expensive. If your pet cat itself sells three thousand, but the seller allows you to pay two thousand budgets, which is obviously unreasonable. Many cute new shovel officers have been cheated by this behavior of receiving budget deposits in advance, causing cats to not receive it, and they have lost some money. Therefore, under the true situation of the seller, it is best not to rush to pay the seller's deposit, and it is always right to examine it.
    Third: Cat is not right
    . There is also a scammer, which is also common. They regard the video and photos of the regular cat house as their own, and then use this part of the high -quality cat's video to deceive the buyer. When buyers are deceived, they will send a variety of the same variety, but cats with many poor quality for buyers. In this case, it is really difficult to defend their rights, because cats do have received it, and cats cannot define their true and false. The black -hearted seller may also tell you that this is just a cat's embarrassing period or something, and it will look good. In fact, it is not possible, because the matching pet cats and ordinary pet cats are not generally large, and of course the price difference is not ordinary. I am an example of a few typical cat scammers. I hope everyone can buy cats online, which can be smooth.

  2. When buying cats online, pay attention to reviewing the qualifications of the cat house, see if the cat house is regular, and find the boss to learn more about the details of the cat.

  3. Buy cats online, it is best not to buy in a circle of friends or groups. Such cats have a lot of water, but you can go to a certain treasure to buy. This is still guaranteed.

  4. If you really need to buy online, you can coordinate with the merchant to pay. This will give merchants some pressure and ensure the truth of the cat.

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