5 thoughts on “What are the benefits of cats for people?”

  1. In the 2009 study report of Welllin Victoria University of New Zealand, the feed that dogs eaten all their lives in the production process are the same as the production process of the same large car. Because cats eat less, the carbon emissions they eat are just about making an ordinary car. So from an environmental perspective, cats are better than dogs.
    The trials have proved that the companion function of cats and dogs can help the owner to relieve psychological pressure. Many patients with psychological problems will be proposed by doctors to raise a pet and soothe the host's heart through their company. Compared to the dog's company, the specialty of the cat lies in listening to the owner's troubles. If you want to talk about your troubles, cats are a better choice!
    In research based on the British Love Cat Association, nearly 82%of women think that if men have pets, they will look more attractive. Among them, 90%of women think that cats are very attractive. So it is very likely that you have a cat from a happy life with your girlfriend. And using your own cat to open the topic is actually a good choice, which can also increase the success rate of chatting.
    The University of Minnesota spent 10 years, tracking and investigating about 4,000 people, and finally the following results were drawn. Compared to people who do not raise cats, people with cats raising a heart disease will decrease by 30%. In fact, the onset of heart disease is more related to the psychological situation except for physiological causes, and cats can just relieve the pressure of the owner, so it reduces the chance of onset.

  2. 1.
    The benefit: 1. Cats and dog pets can make people feel happy and learn to get along with animals in harmony. For children, playing with cats and dogs is conducive to regulating emotions, enhanced emotional intelligence, and cultivating a mild personality. The love for cats and dogs can expand to brothers and sisters and even human beings. In some countries, children in elementary and junior high schools are allowed to bring ...

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