4 thoughts on “My friend gave me a kitten and wanted to ask everyone which cat food recommended?”

  1. Cat foods with better brands include Orijen, Charles, Nutro, Royal Canin, and Solid Gold.

    1, desire (orijen)

    食 ingredients from Alberta, Canada, are the world's first class of meat production. It is said that the ingredients have reached the level of human consumption, and the nutrition is about the proportion of the complete food chain. The proportion of pure meat and fruits and vegetables is about 4 to 1, which does not contain miscellaneous grains.

    2, Charles

    Add a variety of vitamin content. The protein content in the raw materials is high, and the content of fruits and vegetables is more balanced. Charles cat food is suitable for the taste of various cats and cats.

    3. Its price is cheaper than the above brands. It seems that it is considered to be a cat food brand with a high price -performance ratio in all aspects of the price appropriate aspect.

    4, Royal Canin (Royal Canin)

    royal canin, since its establishment in 1968, has become a leading figure in the global pet food industry after more than 40 years. Its cat food products are rich in taste, as well as prescription grains, and the protein quality and palatability are good.

    5, Solid Gold

    SOLID GOLD was founded in 1974. It is a member of the North American Organic Trade Association and was selected as the American Chamber of Commerce Federation of California Export of California. Business has been exported to the world. The ingredients of Suli Gao Cat food are composed of mutton, chicken powder, millet, etc., without allergen such as soybeans, wheat and corn, and no salt, sugar and animal oils.

    The expansion information:

    The method of buying cat food:

    : Look. Do not choose the cat food with pigments. Cat foods with more meat content will be darker, and there are many obvious grains with light colors.

    : smell. If you smell a very strong aroma, you must add flavors or seductive agents.

    three: touch. Take a few cat food and rub it with your hands a few times. If you find that it is greasy or fragile, it can be judged as inferior grains.

    four: taste. Taste a few personally. If you have a clear salty taste and bitter taste, you can determine it as inferior grains. High -quality cat food must be light taste and simple taste.

  2. I recommend the Xinyuan Development Bao Sanpin Banquet that my family has always bought. You can smell the meat fragrance. It is not the meat fragrance of the additive. ~ This is no valley. Because the cat is small, I tend to buy Wugu food, which is more suitable for cats, and the cat food also adds frozen dried meat to make cats prefer. Cats have been normal since eating food, and there are no problems, and as the cat grows up, it has brightened a lot, which surprises me. I don’t know if my answer is helpful to you

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