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  1. Cat's memory is 24-40 days.
    The memory of cats is 24-40 days. When cats were not treated as pets before, they depended on their memory. Because in the wild, cats are good at hunting alone.
    The golden period of the cat's memory
    In the cat's life, the best memory age is 2-7 weeks. At this time, it is the best golden period for the owner and the cat to cultivate intimate relationships, so The owner can accompany the cat more and interact with the cat, so that the cat will rely on the owner.
    This memory of cats will decline
    . When the cat's age continues to grow, its memory will also decline. If some cats are serious Even what he has forgotten even his owner, it will chaos and urine, because of this physiological function, cats can no longer control it.
    How how to take care of the elderly cats
    1. Multi -accompanying cats. When cats getting older, it also shows that the time for cats to get along with the owner is getting shorter and shorter, so the owner should cherish the time when he stays with the cat. Spend more time to accompany the cat and interact with the cat, which is also conducive to the mental health of elderly cats.

    2. Pay attention to the health of the diet. As the cat enters the old age, its physical skills will gradually degenerate, and its appetite will also decrease, which will cause the cat's absorption of insufficient nutrition, affecting its physical health, which will affect its physical health. It is recommended that the owner eat a well -known and nutritious cat food for the elderly cat.

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