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  1. What are the spiders suitable for pets?
    1, intellectual red rose or intellectual fire rose.
    The two spiders are the best choices for novices. They have a docile temper and beautiful colors, but the growth rate is very slow. The time from the larvae to the adult is more than three and a half years. There are a large number of adults and subcultures on the market. The adult is about 15, and the red rose is slightly larger than the fire rose, but the body color is not as good as fire roses.
    2, Mexican red knee.
    has a large body shape and beautiful pattern, and his temper is also docile (mainly kicking hair). Of course, this variety is also a slow -growing variety, but it is very resistant. It is one of the first choices of novices. The market is basically larvae, and players can buy from the online store.
    3, orange Babu.
    has gorgeous yellow body, and there are some individual differences. About 15 in the adult, the temperament is extremely fierce, and the toxicity is very high. I was bitten by a 6 cm orange Babu and it was refreshing for a week, so do not get started. The growth rate is fast, and the humidity is lower than other varieties during breeding. It belongs to the cavity spider, and it will dig holes in the soil and make the entire box full of silk.
    4, Costa Rica Tiger Tail.
    The tiger tail tiger in Costa Rica is distributed in Costa Rica. It is dependent on caves. Adults: 10cm-15cm Life: Females around 10 years. Male: 3-4 years, temperature: 25-27 humidity: about 80%, temperament: docile: docile However, the condition of hairy breeding: The breeding method is the same as other land hairy spiders. You can use half mixing of the cultivation soil and crawler sand as the bottom material, plus a small water basin and a small piece of sink to complete the basic layout. They need higher humidity, so regular water spraying is necessary. Although Costa Rican tiger tail is quite gorgeous, they are small hair spiders, so they are more introverted in personality, so they can play more. Thousands of tigers and Venezuela tiger tail.
    5, Giant Guyana Naisha.
    The color of the larvae is gorgeous, and when you grow up, it will become ink blue. Adults around 16, docile, low toxicity, generally no aggressive. Growth is faster. It belongs to the tree habitat. Pay attention to the higher humidity and higher environment when breeding. Pay attention to the bark, and pay attention to its movement speed.

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